With SaaS, effortlessly protect your VMware Cloud on AWS data

Ashley Frizzell, Sr. Partner Marketing Manager

VMware Cloud on AWS is a premier cloud offering that leverages components found in the majority of today’s data centers. It delivers the best software-defined data center (SDDC) experience on the highest performing infrastructure in the cloud. This brings seamless application portability, eliminating the need for application conversions or refactoring, alternative machine formats, or other rearchitecting.

Jointly developed by AWS and VMware, “VMC” on AWS is scalable, secure, and innovative, seamlessly migrating workloads to AWS Cloud. The service brings many advantages and allows customers to leverage predictable, high-performance compute, storage, and networking delivered by vSphere, vSAN, and NSX, all running on Amazon EC2. Customers extend the value of their existing enterprise applications with high-bandwidth, low-latency access to AWS.

Why use VMware Cloud on AWS?

By boosting their data center capabilities with VMC on AWS, customers:

  • Expand capacity into AWS Cloud, creating a seamless hybrid cloud with consistent infrastructure.
  • Manage on-premises and cloud environments with the same management toolset.
  • Spin up SDDCs in under two hours on average, scaling host capacity in minutes.
  • Extend security policies to the cloud.
  • Run containerized workloads with fully managed Kubernetes services.
  • Reduce overall complexity and cost, and receive a single inventory view of both on-premises and VMware Cloud on AWS resources using vCenter Server technology.

The service enables users to capitalize on key benefits of cloud on-demand services and consumption-based pricing while retaining familiar infrastructure and IT processes. As a result, users meet the needs of their demanding use cases, including accelerating their data center cloud migration and modernizing existing apps with AWS workloads

VMC on AWS helps accelerate the transition to cloud, but organizations still need to prioritize the protection of data in this new hybrid cloud environment. The ideal option is a cloud-native data protection solution — one that scales based on the company’s needs, and VMC on AWS usage, to reduce management cost while keeping secure, backed up data available and quickly recoverable.

Druva: The best data protection for VMC on AWS

The Druva Data Resiliency Cloud protects all VMware workloads — on-premises or on VMware Cloud on AWS. Druva enables the backup of virtual machines in on-premises data centers as well as those on VMware Cloud on AWS. All VMs are backed up to a single, centralized, and secure data pool, maximizing savings across hybrid VMware infrastructure. 

When adopting VMware Cloud on AWS as an extended data center, users only need one component from Druva to discover and protect data. Druva’s agentless proxy integrates with vCenter and includes built-in automation and orchestration. AWS PrivateLink integration provides enhanced security, keeping communication safe between the VMware Cloud on AWS instance and the Druva Cloud, and ensures data isn’t exposed to the public internet.

Druva’s proven and award-winning data resiliency empowers IT teams, delivering fast and seamless backups with a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Centralized management — A comprehensive point of view across on-premises, cloud, and VM restores.
  • 100% SaaS — Druva was the first solution certified for VMware Cloud, and leverages an entirely cloud-based architecture to scale based on need, with no hardware, software, or complexity.
  • Flexible recovery — Options for VM recovery allow organizations to quickly and easily respond to ransomware and other data loss events. Druva provides an RTO of minutes or local instant VM recovery with Druva CloudCache.
  • Reduce TCO up to 50% — Remove management costs, scale globally, and optimize resources based on the organization’s specific needs.  

Next steps

Read the white paper for a closer look at Druva for VMC on AWS, and learn more on the VMware page of the Druva site. Experience the power and simplicity of cloud-based data protection for yourself with a free trial of our award-winning platform.