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Keep Salesforce Data Protected, Compliant & Agile

Take control and backup your Salesforce data — enhance protection, cut costs, recover, archive, and test from a single console.

Why choose Druva for Salesforce?

A Salesforce solution that provides reliable, automated daily backup for data and metadata, with fast, easy recovery from air-gapped storage to prevent data loss.

Prevent data loss

Prevent data loss

Automate daily backups of data and metadata, for standard, custom, and managed package objects; customize backup and retention frequency.

Granular, timely recovery

Granular, timely recovery

Point-in-time restores of data and metadata for entire organizations, objects, records, or specific fields, plus the ability to compare backup files to identify differences.

Maintain parent-child relationships

Maintain parent-child relationships

Keep relationships during restore to prevent orphan records, maintain built-in external IDs to avoid duplicate records.

Enhance data security

Enhance data security

Ensure compliant, secure off-site backups for incident recovery, compliance with data residency requirements, and utilize digital envelope encryption to protect data at rest / in motion.

Drive efficiency with predictable sandbox seeding

Drive efficiency with predictable sandbox seeding

Get cost savings of 10-20X compared to full sandboxes, eliminate repetitive tasks for creating reliable test data, and automate discovery of related data for efficient seeding.

Archive data to slash storage costs and boost performance

Archive data to slash storage costs and boost performance

Store records in cost-effective storage to eliminate performance degradation caused by data growth. Simplify long-term archival policies for governance and regulatory compliance.

Enterprise-class, Salesforce data protection

Salesforce data protection

How it works

Druva’s 100% SaaS-based solution fills the gaps in native Salesforce data protection.

Integrated recovery from within Salesforce’s native UI enables quick and easy restore to specific points-in-time — negating data loss.

Automatically discover child records to maintain relationships during the restore process. No need for scripts or manually discovering related records.

Easily protect all of your critical data in Salesforce standard, custom, and managed package objects plus attachments, content, knowledge, and chatter.

Achieve high-quality test data for Salesforce sandbox seeding without the headache or effort.

Archiving lowers storage costs and boosts performance

Efficiently store data, eliminate performance issues from data growth, and streamline archival policies for governance and regulations.

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“Druva saves us a ton of time with Salesforce implementations and helps us to build out the data we need in order to accurately configure and install our product using our customers’ data.”

Terry Walsh Chief Technology Officer

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Solution brief

Automate backup of data and metadata; simplify testing with sandbox seeding, and archive data to cut costs.


Druva provides the ability to archive rarely-accessed data into low-cost, air-gapped storage. This also allows for reduced complexity and costs.


Avoid the challenges of manual processes and ensure quality test data for your Salesforce sandboxes.  

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