AWS workloads

Simplified AWS Backup and Disaster Recovery

Enterprise-ready data protection for AWS. No scripts. No code.

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Protect your AWS data at scale with Druva CloudRanger™

The easy-to-use AWS backup and disaster recovery solution for the enterprise. Simplify data protection for AWS infrastructure and ensure regulatory compliance SLAs.

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AWS Databases

RDS | Aurora | DynamoDB | Redshift | DocumentDB | Neptune

Cloud Hosted Databases

MySQL | PostgreSQL | Oracle | MS SQL Server | MariaDB | NoSQL

Globally Accessible AWS Backup and Disaster Recovery

Combine endpoint and SaaS data protection to safeguard all your end-user data where it lives. Simplifies unified search, compliance and e-discovery.

Enterprise-ready AWS Backup Delivered "as-a-Service"

Secure, centralized cloud platform ensures compliance and protects against SaaS data loss.

Optimize Your Storage TCO
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Deploy in 15 minutes with unlimited on-demand scaling.  Recover SaaS data within minutes.

Enterprise-ready data protection for native AWS workloads

Druva Cloud Architecture

Built on the Druva Cloud File System, AI-powered metadata engine, microservices-based processing, API-first, and a Zero Trust security model.

Backup & Restore | Disaster Recovery

Protect | Detect | Respond | Recover

Archival | Compliance | eDiscovery

SaaS Apps

Public Cloud

Data Centers


Data Protection

Cyber Resiliency

Data Governance

Data Intelligence

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Simplify data protection for AWS Infrastructure and ensure regulatory compliance.

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Protect vital AWS workloads with Druva disaster-recovery-as-a-service

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