Public cloud backup

Cloud-native backup for Public Cloud data

Protect public cloud data with SaaS simplicity. The way cloud was meant to be.

Why choose Druva for public cloud backup?


Druva simplifies managing backup data in the public cloud, reduces data protection expenses, and guarantees security through cloud-native backup and recovery designed for Azure and AWS environments.

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Silo-free cloud data protection

Eliminate data silos through centralized data protection management and improve visibility across cloud native apps and non-hosted databases in public clouds.

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Lower your TCO

Lower TCO costs compared to native snapshots with global deduplication and compression of data while eliminating egress fees.    

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Reduce data risk

Defend against ransomware with secure, immutable snapshots. Restore backups into a new account if your production accound has been compromised.

Securing Enterprise Data in Public Clouds


Druva offers a comprehensive solution designed to unify data protection across multiple public cloud environments, including Azure, and AWS. By providing a single console for public cloud backups, Druva eliminates data silos, enhances visibility, and lowers TCO costs through global deduplication and compression while eliminating egress fees.

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“Druva streamlines management and gets us 100% visibility into all workloads, including hundreds of AWS accounts. We get maximum data protection control with minimal effort.”

Albert Uy Vice President, Technology Architecture and Performance Engineering

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Solution brief

With secure, air-gapped backups of Azure VM data, protecting against cyber threats at a lower cost and without management complexity.


Remove the need for cross-account and cross-region snapshots and get secure, air-gapped backups against threats — all at half the cost of competitors.


Watch the video to see how Druva can cut your risk of cyber threats and save on Azure VM storage costs.

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