Meet Dru AI, Your New Copilot for Security

Data security that adapts to you, not the other way around.

What can Dru do for you?

Dru is your personal AI copilot for backup designed to equip you with the insight and foresight to run efficient data protection.

interactive reporting icon

“Hey Dru, show me all backup failures in the last 24 hours.”

Interactive reporting

Druva AI provides IT teams with a conversational interface that makes it easier to troubleshoot issues and improve their backup and security postures.

assisted troubleshooting

“Hey Dru, how do I fix 'no storage' error?”

Assisted troubleshooting

Dru analyzes logs and troubleshoots errors to improve your backup and security posture.

simplified admin icon

“Hey Dru, start a backup on VM02.”

Simplified admin operations

Dru relieves your team of many administrative tasks, from creating new backup policies to triggering new backups.


Simply ask Dru and be taken directly where needed. Dru even follows up with suggested next actions.


Druva is blazing the trail for AI in backup and recovery. Find out what it means for you.

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