NAS backup

Radically simple & cost-effective NAS backup

Cloud-based NAS data protection across on-premises and cloud storage with global deduplication and cloud archiving reduces complexity and costs.

Cloud backup and archiving for on-premises and cloud NAS

The volume and density of unstructured data on NAS makes it difficult to balance the costs and requirements of backup, recovery, and retention. Data protection as-a-service works across on-premises and cloud to reduce complexity, improve search/recovery, and lower storage and archive costs by up to 50% percent.

Lower the TCO of long-term retention up to 50%

Direct-to-cold backup, storage tiering, and global deduplication provide a cost-efficient and resilient solution for long-term retention and compliance.

Efficiently protect NAS data on-premises or in the cloud

Snapshot integration, ML-based Smart Scan, and global, source dedupe drive backup, bandwidth, and storage efficiency across storage tiers.

Recover files from any point-in-time or storage tier

Metadata-powered search quickly finds and recovers all versions of files across file servers and NAS systems regardless of the age of data.


Druva for NAS backup

Druva’s SaaS platform simplifies and lowers the cost of NAS data protection with deep analytics, global source deduplication and both auto-tiering and direct-to-cold storage archiving.


How is Druva different

Druva unifies NAS backup and cloud archiving for long-term retention with a radically simple and low-cost solution that requires no hardware or storage management

Backup and restore any NAS device anywhere

  • Supports NFS, SMB NAS devices
  • Protect NetApp, EMC Isilon, Amazon EFS, Azure NAS, and others
  • Parallel backup/restore to the cloud
  • Archive backups to cold storage (warm+cold or cold only)

Faster data movement with ML and metadata-powered backups

  • Fast, low-impact incremental backups with 3rd party snapshot integration 
  • Eliminate repeated scans of files and directories with Druva SmartScan 
  • Accelerate backups of images and archived data

End-to-end data reduction

  • Achieve radical savings with global deduplication across all tiers of storage
  • Understand trends faster with built-in analytics and recommendations
  • Automate the identification and exclusion of non-critical business data

Intelligent, long-term data retention

  • Easily lower storage costs by 20% with one-click, policy-based storage tiering 
  • Cut compliance costs by 50% with direct backup to the Druva Archive Storage Tier 
  • Search for and recover individual files across all storage tiers

Ransomware protection and advanced recovery

  • Ensures backup data cannot be encrypted with seamless data integrity 
  • Prevents deletion of data with zero-trust architecture and multi-level resiliency 
  • Enhances SecOps workflows with orchestrations and shared data intelligence 
  • Stops infected files from being recovered
  • Automates creation of “golden snapshots” to accelerate recovery and reduce data loss
Solving NAS data protection - Dxp

Learn the unique challenges of protecting unstructured data on NAS systems and how a cloud-centric, data management approach can help customers balance recovery and retention needs, eliminate costs, and deliver new data insights.


How it works

Quickly find the latest NAS proxy from the Druva console. Deploy to an on-premises or cloud VM. Securely activate your NAS proxy in a few easy steps.


Easily add NAS devices in one step. Map the NAS device to one or more proxies



Add NAS shares in two steps. Druva automatically discovers NAS shares (nightly refresh). Quickly select a NAS share without waiting for discovery.


Create flexible schedules and retention settings with default or custom settings. Improve performance with snapshot integrations, SmartScan, pre/post scripts.


Leverage a predefined backup policy or customize a new one. Assign an AWS storage region. Take advantage of predefined content rules or customize.


See how to cimplify cloud backup and archiving for NAS
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