Druva Technology
Alliance Partners

Public Cloud Infrastructure Integration Partners

Druva has partnered with AWS to offer customers a greater choice of global storage options to better meet their data storage, privacy and security needs. AWS carries extensive certifications for securing and protecting stored data, and also offers organizations over 17 data center locations globally to meet varied regional data privacy requirements and deliver data center replication and multi-zone redundancy to provide the highest availability (99.5%) and data durability (99.99999%)

Cloud Application Suite Integration Partners

Organizations rely on cloud-based applications for business-critical operations and entrust these services with some of their most valuable data. Druva has partnered with leading SaaS providers to help organizations gain central visibility and information management to collect and recover data across multiple cloud applications, while still providing the scalability, flexibility, and security required by the business.

Virtualization Partners

Druva works with VMware to protect and manage all customer data residing in private infrastructure, public cloud and hybrid virtual environments. Together, we provide unified backup, disaster recovery and archival — all powered by the functionality, elasticity and security of AWS. With applications running both on-premises or in the cloud, Druva offers customers a single control plane for data availability and governance for all VMware workloads and vSphere®-based environments.

Infrastructure Partners

Druva has partnered with Nutanix to offer a comprehensive hybrid cloud solution for backup, archival and disaster recovery. Druva provides workload mobility and data protection with seamless hypervisor-level backup to the Druva Cloud for Nutanix NX appliances. As a result, customers get the simplicity and performance of the Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure platform, with the elastic scale, global reach and cloud economics of Druva Phoenix cloud-native data protection.

eDiscovery Partners

Data on laptops, smartphones, and multiple cloud applications translates to an increased risk of data loss and an inability to track, hold or monitor data for regulatory compliance and legal obligations. Druva’s partnership with leading eDiscovery vendors not only removes the bottleneck in the collection and preservation of data across disparate data sources, but also provides a complete solution for digital investigations of any kind, including computer forensics, incident response, eDiscovery, legal review, IP theft, compliance auditing, and information assurance.

Marketplace Partners

Druva is now available directly via these marketplace partners, dramatically simplifying accessibility and reducing the deployment time for organizations to leverage the cloud for protecting their servers, endpoints, or cloud applications. Through these marketplaces, customers can benefit from access to Druva’s data protection and information governance capabilities designed to help enterprises identify solutions that tightly integrate with these platforms. This builds on existing relationships between these partners and Druva, further ensuring seamless integration for joint customers.

Enterprise Mobility Management Partners

Organizations are faced with the challenge of visibility and control of dispersed enterprise data on mobile devices and cloud applications while providing secure access to corporate content to their mobile workforce. Druva has partnered with leading Enterprise Mobility Management providers to help “Mobile First” organizations manage and safeguard mobile devices, applications, and sensitive corporate information, without impacting user productivity.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) Partners

To empower employees, customers, and partners with secure access to cloud and company apps on any device, Druva has partnered with IAM vendors to provide single sign-on, strong authentication (MFA), directory services (Active Directory and LDAP integration), user provisioning and built-in reporting while ensuring the highest security and simplest administration possible for IT.

Geolocation of Endpoints for Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Partners

To quickly help locate a lost or stolen device, Druva has partnered with Skyhook to geolocate devices through an innovative way by using Wi-Fi signals. The result is a collection of access point information that’s faster, more precise, and more battery-friendly than GPS and cell towers alone. Skyhook’s massive global network powers billions of location requests in all the places where they happen.

Cybersecurity and Ransomware Protection Partners

Cyber threats are on the rise, and organizations need to be prepared to protect against and recover from cyber attacks in the form of ransomware, data thefts and insider attacks. According to CyberSecurity Ventures, global damage costs from ransomware are estimated to be more than $20 billion in 2021. Druva has partnered and integrated with cybersecurity partners like FireEye and Palo Alto Networks to help customers improve cyber resilience posture by detecting and responding proactively and recovering faster, preventing data loss and business disruption, and downtime.