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Industry's Leading SaaS Platform for Data Resiliency

Data resilience is the new digital transformation. Secure, protect, and streamline data governance for all your critical data, wherever it lives

Revolutionize Your Data Resilience

The Druva Data Resiliency Cloud is the only at-scale SaaS platform designed for your multi-cloud world. Through a single, unified console, you can easily manage all your data resiliency services across physical and virtual on-premises workloads, cloud-native and SaaS applications, and critical IT endpoints.

SaaS Apps

Comprehensive, granular and point-in-time data protection and governance across popular SaaS applications

Public Cloud

Simple, scalable and, centralized data protection and DR for modern, multi-cloud workloads

Data Centers

All-in-one backup, disaster recovery, and archival for on-premises and hybrid datacenter workloads


Simplified and cost effective data protection and governance for end user data and devices

Data Protection

Backup & Restore | Disaster Recovery

Simple, scalable and secure cloud-native data protection and Disaster Recovery

Cyber Resiliency

Protect | Detect | Respond | Recover

Defense-in-depth, zero-trust security and accelerated ransomware recovery

Data Governance

Archival | Compliance | eDiscovery

Automated eDiscovery, sensitive data governance and compliance monitoring

Data Intelligence

Machine Learning & Analytics

Machine Learning and predictive insights across 100+ data points to solve complex data resilience issues

Druva is a Visionary in Gartner® Magic Quadrant (MQ)
Cloud-first is a no-brainer, and the Druva platform aligned with our goals for digital transformation.

Jeffrey Shiling, CIO
National Cancer Institute

Key Solutions

From modernizing your legacy, on-premises data protection solution, to bridging the gap in protection with your trusted enterprise SaaS and ensuring your mission-critical, cloud-native workloads are always available, your journey to data resilience is made easy with Druva

Prevent Microsoft 365 data loss with secure, scalable and cost- effective protection


Air-gapped cloud backups with built-in orchestration and automation


Integrated backup, DR, and archiving with scalable SaaS for secure data management


Protect against data loss and downtime, with automated backup and cloud disaster recovery


Unified cloud disaster recovery for VMware and AWS workloads


The Druva Difference

Your Data. Always Safe. Always Ready.

Expectations, Exceeded.

The Druva Data Resiliency Cloud not only gives you business protection,
it gives you business advantage

Lower TCO up to 50%

Leave behind the cost and complexity of onsite hardware, software and infrastructure, while expanding your disaster recovery capabilities at no additional cost.

Meet RTO/RPO SLAs across all locations and clouds

Built on AWS, the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud can expand compute resources dynamically to meet even the most demanding backup windows.

Unlimited scalability, on-demand

The cloud is infinitely scalable, and capacity can be added on-demand without the need to provision new devices, or change your backup settings.

Beyond backup, do more with your data

A unified view of your backup data allows you to easily respond to eDiscovery, manage Legal Hold, or analyze your data to drive business decisions.

What Can Cloud Data Protection Do for You?

Transforming to the cloud will deliver immediate ROI and true business advantage. The benefits of the cloud go well beyond just economics. By combining both the efficiency of a SaaS platform and the power of data resiliency, the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud will improve your technical capabilities and operations across your organization:

Protecting your company’s brand and reputation are critical to your long-term success. But how you protect your data can differ significantly from a TCO perspective. With the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud, you can secure and protect all your data, but do so with the cost efficiency of SaaS:

  • Reduce or eliminate costs for data center space, hardware and software acquisition and upgrades
  • Leverage efficiency of OpEx/ consumption-based services
  • Improve productivity by standardizing your data protection across all workloads and locations – especially remote and branch offices
  • Expanding disaster recovery coverage to business critical virtual applications

    The day-to-day management of traditional, on-premises data protection solution(s) to a specific SLA can become time consuming and effort intensive, especially if you are faced with limited resources and bandwidth. With Druva Data Resiliency Cloud, you can:

    • Scale instantly with the flexibility to consume resources when you need them – and reduce resources when you don’t
    • Reduce the complexity of your environment – one platform for complete data protection, for all applications, in all locations
    • Easily manage rapid growth in VMs and SaaS applications and ensure you meet policy requirements to protect data on end user devices
    • Significantly improve backup performance while reducing your backup window

      Your business relies on you to secure your data and/or maintain regulatory and compliance requirements. With the right data protection platform in place, you can improve threat detection and response, and avoid fines and reputational damage. With the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud:

      • Ensure business continuity with better information security, early detection and rapid response/recovery
      • Benefit from efficient oversight and reporting of security status and threats
      • Trust that your backups are 100% clean and ready for fast recovery
      • Quickly adapt to new threats from all angles, on all devices

        It Starts With the Right Foundation

        Today’s modern IT organization requires a different kind platform to help simplify the complexities of the business landscape. Customers require the programmatic capabilities of an API-first platform for seamless integration, deep transparency for management and control, and an efficient design for unprecedented flexibility and scale. The Druva Data Resiliency Cloud is architected to meet the needs of today while positioning customers for the demands of tomorrow

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