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The Industry's Leading SaaS-first
Platform for Data Security

Never worry about your data. The Druva Data Security Cloud
secures and recovers data from all threats, with the simplicity and speed only true SaaS can deliver

Accelerate Your Cyber Response & Recovery

Protect and recover all data, respond to any threat - all from a single platform. Watch this video for an introduction to Druva's Incident Response model.

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Data Protection

Say goodbye to the challenges of legacy data protection. Modernize your backup and restore, disaster recovery, and archive with Druva's simple, secure, and cost-efficient SaaS-first platform

Cyber Response & Recovery

Be ready for cyber attacks. Keep your data safe, identify and respond to threats quickly, and automate your recovery of clean data to get back online fast.

eDiscovery & Compliance

Streamline your data governance. Ensure your data is always secure and protected to the industry's highest standards including SOC2 type II, HIPAA, FIPS 140-2, and FedRAMP ATO.

Protect and secure your data across every application, every location, and every cloud

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  • Druva hosted, fully-managed
  • Continuously optimized
  • Inherently secure

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  • Threat hunting
  • 24/7 monitoring & proactive notification
  • Augmented response

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  • Always-on recovery
  • Clean data, on demand
  • Expert assistance

It starts with the right foundation

Today’s modern IT organization requires a different kind of platform to help simplify the complexities of the business landscape.

The Druva Data Security Cloud is a cloud-first architecture designed to deliver unique benefits, including zero-trust security for automated backup security and monitoring, a scalable cloud file system proven to protect massive data volumes, an AI-powered metadata neural network that operates seamlessly without upgrades or patches, a microservices-based architecture capable of handling billions of backups and recoveries across multiple regions, and an API-first design for easy integration with modern cloud tools.


API-first design

Enable internal teams and 3rd parties to efficiently deliver data resiliency and operationalized cloud services for analytics, sec-ops, compliance initiatives.
  • Customize and centralize management & reporting for global visibility
  • Automate workflows that support disaster recovery, e-discovery, and ransomware recovery
  • Integrate with security, identity management, IT operations solutions and more

Microservices-based architecture

Improve efficiency with a cloud-native platform that uses microservices to deliver new capabilities without the need to deploy, manage, or upgrade anything.
  • Scale dynamically to meet performance needs
  • Control costs with all-inclusive consumption-based pricing
  • Get transparent, automatic upgrades for the latest global functionality and security

Gen AI-powered, metadata powered neural network

Understand your data better with insights and recommendations to optimize data protection, governance and cyber resilience with enterprise scale.
  • Assess global trends in protection and security with built-in, scalable analytics
  • Detect anomalies with AI-powered security across users and data sources
  • Lower costs and improve performance with AI-powered optimizations

Scalable cloud file system

Reduce the cost and complexity of protecting and recovering data with a unique cloud-native, deduplicated file system.
  • Maximize bandwidth and storage efficiencies with source-side, global deduplication
  • Automate storage tiering and cloud archiving with predictable, lower costs
  • Limitless Scale up or down without management or security overhead

Zero Trust security model

Keep your data safe from internal and external threats with a built-in, zero-trust architecture that secures every layer of the platform for users, administrators, and data.
  • Enforce platform security and compliance standards. SOC2, PCI DSS, FedRAMP certified
  • Monitor and alert customers to anomalous behaviors based on AI/ML algorithms
  • Secure data using envelope encryption that makes data accessible only to customers

API-first design

APIs for ecosystem integration, partners & customers

Microservices-based architecture

Scale up or down based on need. Only pay for the storage you use.

Gen AI-powered, metadata neural network

Telemetry assesses threats and trends. Respond quickly to neutralize and recover with ease.

Scalable cloud file system

Self-healing, global data dedupe and auto storage tiering

Zero Trust security model

Authentication, authorization, immutability, availability

What our customers say about us

Druva Provides Easy Automation And Recovery During DR And Ransomware Events
Druva is an excellent protection and recovery service in the unplanned events and outages kind of scenarios. The backup is robust and quickly accessible.
IT Administrator
Construction Industry | 500M - 1B USD
Druva's Ransomware Recovery and Immutability features are truly a blessing!
We use Druva's uptime resilience guarantee both for our Insync and Phoenix workloads and have full faith in the product, it has supported us wonderfully over the years.
IT Leader
Manufacturing Industry | 50M - 250M USD

Trusted by the world’s leading organizations

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What Can Druva Do for You?

The Druva Data Security Cloud accelerates cloud modernization while minimizing your business risk. Druva’s SaaS-first platform ensures your data is secured and protected appropriately while providing: 

  • Predictability and accelerated time to market

  • The industry’s most comprehensive guarantee against cyber threats

  • Protection for your cloud journey

  • Reduction in overall organizational risk

  • Flexible, consumption-based pricing, without lock-ins

Day to day management of traditional data protection solutions is time-consuming and effort intensive. Druva:

  • Deploys in minutes, anywhere, for fastest time to value

  • Simplifies data protection and security management 

  • Addresses multiple use cases from a single, unified console

  • Eliminates time-intensive infrastructure procurement, management, and maintenance 

  • Significantly improves backup performance while reducing your backup window

  • Reduces your overall costs and optimizes resources

Your business relies on you to secure your data and/or maintain regulatory and compliance requirements. With Druva you gain:

  • Deep visibility into and better preservation of data 

  • Easier data compliance and sensitive data management with centralized insight into data privacy and data locality 

  • Simplified, easy legal holds and fast, on-demand searches 

  • Efficient oversight and reporting of security status and threats

  • Improved information security, early detection, and rapid response/recovery

Get started now.

See for yourself why Druva is the leader in data security.