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Native Google Workspace backup comes up short

While the platform includes some backup capabilities, it lacks comprehensive coverage putting business-critical data at risk for loss, corruption, and ransomware. Only purpose-built, third-party solutions can address these, and frequently come with a better price point than those offered by Google.

Cloud data gets lost

Google automatically deletes files 30 days after they’re sent to the recycle bin. This puts data at risk of accidental or intentional, malicious deletions. Without recoverability, this data can easily be lost.

Gaps in data recovery

In general, the only backup offered for Google Workspace data is via the recycle/trash folder, which is automatically purged after a fixed period of time. Once your data is gone, there is very little an admin can do to recover it.

Drive File Stream is not data protection

As Drive File Stream syncs changes across devices, a file that is deleted, corrupted, or infected by a virus will sync to all devices and can exacerbate issues.

Google Vault backup and recovery shortcomings

Vault only searches the latest version of Drive files only, not deleted files or other formats such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. Admins are needed to download files and manually import back into Drive. These files do not retain any sharing settings.

Google Vault litigation and archiving difficulties

Vault does not integrate with third-party eDiscovery tools, and there are no predefined, customizable, or policy-based templates for compliance. Compliance management exists for Gmail messages only without control of where they’re stored, who can see them, or how they’re used.

Explore how Druva addresses each of these issues in the datasheet

How Druva fills Google’s native data protection gaps

Druva helps some of the world’s largest enterprises, in addition to small to mid-sized businesses, protect their investment in Google Workspace from data loss and compliance violations. Druva’s industry-leading solutions give users a single pane of glass to monitor and protect data no matter where it resides.


How is Druva different?

Druva provides a comprehensive, scalable, and cost-effective 100% SaaS-based platform to protect Google Workspace data, including Gmail, Google Drive, and Shared Drives. Druva’s secure platform seamlessly supports other cloud applications and endpoints to provide comprehensive data resiliency across the entire IT environment. 

Protect SaaS with SaaS

  • On-demand scalability and elasticity
  • Unified platform provides resilience and data intelligence across the enterprise
  • Forever incremental backups to reduce bandwidth strain

Reduce total data protection costs up to 50%

  • No upfront investment in hardware, infrastructure or storage; pay for what you use
  • No hardware or software, upgrades, patches, or capacity planning
  • Avoid expensive data archive and legal hold

Accelerate legal hold and eDiscovery management

  • Unified legal hold policies across all workloads
  • Policies applied by user or period of time
  • Integrates with third-party eDiscovery tools

Enhance data security

  • Maintain compliant, secure off-site backups in the case of an incident
  • Comply with any data residency and sovereignty requirements
  • Compliance with SOC1, ISA 3402, SOC 2, SOC3, ISO 27001, PCI DSSLevel 1 (Cloud), HIPAA, and FedRAMP

Lower TCO, predictable costs

  • Supports 3-2-1 backup policy with cloud-based data protection
  • Detects, investigates, and responds to insider threats before damage is done
  • Restores data to original locations with automated search and restore
Druva for SaaS apps demo

In this short demo, get a walkthrough of just how Druva keeps your SaaS application data secure, simplifying backup and recovery across Microsoft 365, Salesforce, and Google Workspace from one simple console.


Simple, secure, and scalable — Druva does it all

Forrester Research recommends organizations leveraging Google Workspace use third-party solutions to address critical gaps in its native capabilities. The analyst firm acknowledged Druva’s expertise, designating it a “Leader” for SaaS apps data protection across Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and Salesforce in one unified and easy-to-manage platform. 

Data backup and retention, 100% in the cloud

  • Easy-to-use centralized console
  • Flexible retention across regions
  • Forever incremental backups to reduce bandwidth strain
  • Flexible backup scheduling 
  • Backup for in-use, open, or large files without limits

Ransomware protection and recovery

  • Unlimited retention ensures recovery from a clean snapshot
  • Malware scanning and federated search
  • Unusual Data Activity and user access insights
  • Zero-trust security architecture

Enhanced security and privacy

  • Digital envelope encryption at 256-bit TLS in transit and AES 256-bit at rest
  • Data, metadata, and encryption keys stored separate from the environment

eDiscovery and legal hold without the complexity cost

  • Unified legal hold enables electronic chain of custody
  • Simple, automated integration with market-leading, cloud-native Discovery tools
  • Pre-culling for minimized, relevant data-sets
Product Tour

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Whether it's accidental or malicious deletion, I don't worry about it because I have confidence that data is being backed up.

Colin McCarthy, VP of Global IT, Essence

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