SaaS Application Solution

Comprehensive Google Workspace Data Protection and Recovery

Protect your Google Workspace data with one unified, easy-to-manage platform.

Protect your investment in Google Workspace

Druva’s  comprehensive, scalable, and cost-effective 100% SaaS-based platform protects Google Workspace data, including Gmail, Google Drive, and Shared Drives.

Protect SaaS with SaaS

Protect SaaS with SaaS

Scalable and elastic storage with a unified platform for resilience and data intelligence, and forever incremental backups to minimize bandwidth usage.

Reduce overall costs

Reduce total data protection costs up to 50%

Eliminate hardware and infrastructure, with no need for maintenance, upgrades, or capacity planning. Avoid expensive data archiving and legal hold costs.

Accelerate legal hold and eDiscovery management

Accelerate legal hold and eDiscovery management

Unify legal hold policies across workloads, flexible application of policies based on user or time period, and seamless integration with third-party eDiscovery tools.

Enhance data security

Enhance data security

Compliant and secure off-site backups ensure compliance with data residency and sovereignty requirements.

Fills gaps in native data protection and recovery

Fills gaps in native data protection and recovery

Support 3-2-1 backup policy with 100% SaaS  data protection, receive advanced capabilities to detect and respond to threats, and automate search and restore.

Comprehensive data resiliency

Druva’s secure platform seamlessly supports other cloud applications and endpoints to provide comprehensive data resiliency across the entire IT environment.

Druva for SaaS Applications

How it works

Druva keeps your Google Workspace data secure, simplifying backup and recovery from one simple console.

Manage backups from one easy-to-use centralized console. Set flexible retention across regions and reduce bandwidth strain with incremental backups.

Monitor with predefined templates for major regulations (i.e GDPR, CCPA). Customize or create policy templates. Get violation alerts and take prompt action.

End users search and restore files directly to their Google accounts with ease. APIs enable third-party applications to further simplify processes.

Unified legal hold enables electronic chain of custody. Integration with cloud-native eDiscovery tools and pre-culling capabilities save time and resources.

Product tour

Take a self-guided walkthrough of Druva's data resilience capabilities for Google Workspace.

“With Druva we were able to add backups for our Google Workspace accounts that we were never backing up, giving us the ultimate peace of mind.”

Peter Webber VP, IT Operations

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