Rapid Response

Cyberthieves aren’t taking time off.  Accelerate your rapid threat and incident response with Druva, and get back to business faster.

Rapidly Level up your incident response, minimize your time to resolution

Be ready 24x7. Druva continuously monitors your backup environment and alerts you to threats before they can impact your business

Security and high availability

Go deeper. Get the insights you need to take action faster.

Backups are no longer just for recovery. As a fully managed SaaS platform, Druva gives you visibility across your environment so you can mitigate potential issues.

Reduce total data protection costs

Extend zero-trust and enhance your existing security strategy.

Druva seamlessly integrates with common EDR tools to give your team the head start they need to defeat any threat, without the complexity of disparate solutions.

Cloud-native data protection for the all-cloud world

Orchestrate your threat response for business advantage.

Ransomware is a “when”, not an “if”. With Druva, define, plan, build, and implement a ransomware playbook to operationalize and take the guesswork out of your response.

“Druva’s ransomware detection features have made our cyber insurance auditor less cranky, which has been a huge benefit in moving over to Druva.”

Alex Lakey Sr. Systems Administrator, Cerium Networks

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