Ransomware recovery and protection

Multi-Layer Defense against Ransomware

Air-gapped cloud backups with built-in orchestration and automation  for accelerated ransomware recovery.

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Ransomware will cost $20B globally this year

Ransomware attacks are happening more often and becoming more sophisticated. Ransom demands are trending up as threat actors execute attacks that often delete or encrypt backup data. Recovery times are also increasing as data systems become more complex, encompassing both endpoints and data centers.

Protect your backup data from encryption and deletion

Defense-in-depth, zero-trust security architecture, and immutable, air-gapped backups ensure you always have safe, unencrypted data to recover.

Accelerate ransomware recovery

Quickly identify unusual activity and prevent contamination spread within minutes of detection. Scan snapshots before recovery to eliminate reinfection.

Bridge the gap between backup and security systems

Your IT and security teams work together; their technology should too. Built-in integrations with SIEM and SOAR tools automate response and recovery.

Learn how to create a multi-layered defense

How long would it take you to recover from a ransomware attack?

Druva’s cloud data protection and defense-in-depth security are paired with workflow orchestration and recovery automation tools to improve response time, prevent reinfection, and reduce data loss. Plus, Druva’s SaaS solution delivers 24×7 fully-managed security operations.

How is Druva different

Unlike on-premises or Windows-based solutions that may be vulnerable to ransomware, Druva’s cloud-native architecture protects data and speeds up recovery.

Air-gapped, immutable backups

  • Backups stored off-site in a different account not connected to your network  
  • Object-based storage prevents encryption of backup data
  • Malware-resistant architecture prevents ransomware from executing

Zero-trust security architecture

  • MFA and access controls stop ransomware from using compromised credentials 
  • Bastion, VPN, and auto-expiring credentials
  • AES-256 encryption for data in flight and at rest

Unusual Data activity and user access insights

  • Identify backup anomalies with entropy-based ML 
  • Monitor admin and API access to backups 
  • Feed data and alerts to SIEM and SOAR tools

Quarantining and deletion of snapshots

  • Quarantine or delete infected snapshots
  • Stop infection spread and isolate for forensics 
  • Built-in integrations with SOAR tools for automation

Malware scanning and federated search

  • Prevent reinfection from contaminated snapshots 
  • Use built-in malware scanning or your own IOCs
  • Find and delete files across all backups with federated search

Fully managed security operations

  • Vulnerability scans with regular patching and upgrades 
  • Penetration testing and dedicated SecOps personnel
  • 24*7*365 threat monitoring and response
Recover from ransomware in hours, not days
Improve your cyber resilience with Druva ransomware recovery

An effective backup plan is an essential part of a strong cybersecurity strategy. Druva delivers secure, air-gapped backups so you always have safe, unencrypted data to recover. For select workloads, Druva offers accelerated ransomware recovery tools including anomaly detection, quarantine, and malware scanning, so you can recover with confidence.

How does ransomware recovery work?

Multi-factor authentication, role-based access controls, and secure AES-256 encryption keys. Object-based storage and ransomware resistant architecture.

Unusual Data activity monitoring leverages machine learning to identify ransomware activity, and help choose the best snapshot for recovery.

Use built-in antimalware scanning or your own threat intel to scan snapshots for malware or IOCs before recovery so you know your data is clean.

Security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) integration for centralized response and recovery via ransomware recovery playbooks.

Flexible recovery options allow you to restore full backups or specific files from a previous point in time.

Curated Recovery feature automatically finds the most recent clean version of every file and compiles it into a single curated snapshot


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Protecting against ransomware is a number one priority and Druva has very straightforward mechanisms for protecting against it.

Lewis Barbour, Head of IT
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