Oracle data protection simplified

Imporve how IT teams work and future proof Oracle data protection with cloud backup-as-a-service

Scalable Oracle database data protection is complex and costly

Oracle databases are critical components to business infrastructure, yet scaling Oracle backup and DR requires new compute and storage in data centers or cloud instances. This infrastructure overhead slows down the pace of business, especially as organizations move and run Oracle instances in the cloud.

Improve IT agility with global visibility and control

Powerful and flexible data protection for Oracle databases on-premises and in the cloud (including Amazon RDS) in an easy-to-use cloud platform.

On-demand scale and storage without complexity

Leverage RMAN integrations for local or direct-to-cloud backup. Simplify fast backup and recovery with the efficiency of Druva cloud storage.

Reduce infrastructure, storage, and management costs

Direct-to-cloud backup, integrated archiving, and on-demand scale eliminate inefficiencies of Oracle data protection on-premises and in the cloud.

Reduce costs and complexity for Oracle data protection

Simplify scalable data protection for Oracle wherever it runs

Cloud backup for Oracle databases using multiple RMAN technologies offers more efficient protection and recovery, on-demand scale, and a lower TCO for Oracle workloads in the cloud and on-premises.

Cloud data protection that empowers all your teams

Gives database, IT, and cloud teams the most efficient data protection for Oracle databases in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Direct-to-cloud backup and recovery for Oracle data

  • Simple and secure, RMAN integrated backup and recovery with no infrastructure
  • Deploys in minutes for on-premises and cloud workloads
  • Auto-discovery and protection of online and offline databases

Flexible recovery of Oracle databases wherever they run

  • Point-in-time (PIT) and granular recovery (Oracle and Amazon RDS for Oracle)
  • Recover from local target or secure snapshot in the cloud
  • Automated, single-step full database recovery

Radical storage reduction and efficiency

  • Eliminate redundant data with a single -copy in the cloud
  • Reduce bandwidth and storage with global, source-based deduplication
  • Automate long-term retention (LTR) and lower storage costs by up to 20%

On-demand access to multiple RMAN backup options

  • Leverage incremental merge and level-1 backups forever
  • Meet aggressive 15-minute RPOs 
  • Fast copies and cloning on-premises and in the cloud
Cloud data protection for Oracle databases

Understand the benefits of direct-to-cloud backup for Oracle and see a short demonstration




How does Oracle data protection work?

Centralized visibility and control of Oracle database backups across IT, DBA and cloud teams


Backup directly to the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud (no backup infrastructure required) using RMAN backup sets or use an agentless approach over NFS.


Compression & source-side, global deduplication drive WAN and storage efficiency.


Point-in-time and snapshot-based recovery methods provide automation for IT teams and granular control for DBAs


Lower storage costs for long-term retention by moving deduplicated backup data to cold storage.


We were able to work with our application and database owners to cut down the EBS storage usage, without sacrificing access to data, by storing data in the Druva Cloud and leveraging its long-term retention capabilities stores and, in turn, cut our snapshots as well. Now we're so much more fficient and only paying for what we actually need.

Timothy Loranger, Cloud Infrastructure Services Leader, Suez Water Technologies & Solutions

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