Druva Enterprise Cloud for the Public Sector

Data Resilience for Public Sector Data

Protect and manage all your data while meeting your compliance requirements.

The SaaS Cloud Data Protection Platform for Public Sector

Using the Druva SaaS platform for the public sector delivers all the advantages of SaaS while also providing new features created with government leaders in mind.

Zero-Trust Security Model

High profile cyber-attacks and the ever-changing IT needs are pushing federal agencies toward implementing Zero Trust architecture.

Ransomware Threats

Federal and state and local governments are taking increased action in the face of persistent cyber threats against their data.

Cloud Enablement

There is no one type of cloud computing that is a fit for every organization. multi-cloud services have evolved to meet the rapidly changing technology requirements.

Citizen Services

Improve community services through access, performance, and security, while building a platform for innovation.

FedRAMP Authorized Service Management

Accelerate your move to the cloud and leverage existing investment in on premises. Remedy ITSM as you migrate, capitalizing on your data, human capital, processes, and procedures.

Multi-Cloud Management

Map your agency’s move to the cloud, analyze expected cloud costs, monitor, optimize and manage agency cloud operations, and optimize on-premises data center environments.

Druva provides speed, simplicity, lower TCO, and security

The Druva Cloud architecture, business model, and experience focus data protection on the value of data, not on the value of the underlying infrastructure.

Faster Innovation

Cloud platforms bring an ecosystem of application and developer services to the platform, allowing developers and business users to quickly test new tools with minimal additional effort or spend.

Simple and Scalable

The cloud lets government agencies deal with spikes in service requests seamlessly rather than leaving customers without the information, benefits, or services they need.

Overcome Budget Constraints

Capex funding is hard to come by, especially for any type of government agency. In contrast, projects that tap opex funding pass far more easily.

Lower Operating Expenses

Cloud services free up departments from paying for massive data center transformations and searching for difficult to find cloud resources.

Increased Government Technology Work Efficiency

Cloud technologies help improve employee experience through productivity gains, self-service access, and faster updates while automating or outsourcing tedious, redundant tasks.

The Druva Difference

Trusted, shared security in the cloud. Druva is certified for or compliant with important regulations and frameworks such as FedRAMP ATO, SOC 2 type II, HIPAA, and FIPS 140-2 among other audits and attestations.

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Who is Using Druva?


Dell Technologies APEX backup services, Powered by Druva, enables the Illinois state treasurer’s office to safeguard $50 billion worth of assets and large volumes of sensitive data.

As the threat landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace, protecting the public’s data is critical. Carahsoft and Druva work together to provide the Public Sector with data security, recoverability and availability solutions that align with agencies’ mission to strengthen their cyber posture and better serve constituents. The Druva Data Resiliency Cloud provides agencies with industry leading, modern and efficient cloud native data protection and cyber resiliency to support the Public Sector’s high trust environments and meet their current and future requirements.

Alex Whitworth, Sales Director


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Advance your organization’s cyber, data, and operational resilience, eliminating hardware, software, and associated complexity. Gain visibility and protect data across multiple clouds and on-premises.


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