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Total Defense for End-User Data

Druva is the ONLY SaaS solution that can secure, govern, and protect your Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and end-user device data seamlessly.

Complete protection for end-user data


Empower your organization with advanced security, cyber resilience, eDiscovery, and data governance capabilities to defend your end-user data.

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Data always available

Experience seamless data availability with Druva's granular recovery, automatic scaling, and robust user protection against deletion or corruption.

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Data security beyond ransomware

Safeguard against insider threats, bulk data deletion, and ransomware, ensuring a secure environment with anomaly detection and curated recovery.

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Data compliance, simplified

Simplify management of eDiscovery, compliance, SIEM integrations, legal holds, and federated search with an effortless approach for all end-user data.

“We had a great experience with our endpoint backup, so extending our Druva partnership to include Microsoft 365 and Salesforce data was the natural next step.”

Tiffany Tucker VP of Security

End-user data protection FAQ

End-user data protection safeguards data created by individuals on their devices and in their personal collaboration app accounts (i.e. Microsoft 365, Google Workspace). It involves measures to prevent loss, unauthorized access, and damage to user-generated content.

End-user data protection is vital for enterprises to safeguard sensitive information, maintain regulatory compliance, and ensure business continuity. It prevents data breaches, secures intellectual property, and builds trust with customers. Additionally, it mitigates financial and reputational risks, supports legal requirements, and safeguards against data loss, ultimately preserving the integrity and reliability of an organization's operations.

The backup process involves the solution regularly copying end-user data to its secure storage. Some solutions may offer incremental backups, where only new or changed data is copied over with each new backup to optimize efficiency. In case of data loss or corruption, administrators initiate recovery via the solution’s interface, restoring data from the backups to their original state — within the collaboration apps or on the device.

As a 100% SaaS solution, Druva ensures seamless scalability, eliminates hardware dependencies, and facilitates ease of management. This cloud-native approach enhances security, simplifies recoverability, and contributes to a lower overall cost compared to traditional on-premises solutions. Its unified platform combines both device and SaaS app protection to offer a comprehensive, cost-effective solution for end-users.

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