VMware and VMware Cloud

Cloud Backup and DR for vSphere & VMware Cloud

SaaS data protection for VMware and VMware Cloud is always-on, scalable and secure, accelerating cloud projects and reducing costs up to 50%.

Cloud Data Protection for VMware is Complex and Expensive

 Protecting vSphere across data centers, remote offices, and hybrid cloud environments with multiple tools escalates costs, creates security challenges and slows innovation. Druva delivers the scale, security, and ease-of-use required for modern data resiliency with added benefits of cloud DR and AI/ML data insights.

Simple and scalable backup and DR with ransomware protection

Cloud backup and DR for VMware that deploys in minutes and scales on-demand. Ensure operational security with a zero-trust architecture and immutable backups.

Fast and flexible restores and workload mobility

Restore files, disks, or VMs in the cloud, from on-premises, or from the cloud. Instant restore VMs on-premises with Druva Cloud Cache.

Automated storage management and long-term retention

Built-in cloud archiving with global deduplication automatically tiers unique blocks to cold storage, rather than copying duplicate data sets.


SaaS Data Protection for VMware and VMware Cloud

The Druva Data Resiliency Platform protects all VMware vSphere workloads on-premises and in VMware Cloud environments through a single console and eliminates backup infrastructure dependencies and overhead. Customers can accelerate their multi-cloud journey and reduce their TCO by up to 50%.


How is Druva Different

Druva’s cloud-native data protection platform eliminates infrastructure dependencies and management simplifying multi-cloud protection of VMs.

The most efficient data protection for VMware and VMware Cloud

  • Simple operations – deploy in minutes with no special training required
  • Fast and storage efficient backups with global, source deduplication across all SDDCs
  • Transparent and dynamic scaling of compute and storage on-demand
  • Accelerate VMC backup and Cloud DR with AWS PrivateLink integration

Zero trust security for ransomware

  • Immutable backups and data isolation (“air gap”) prevent encryption of backups 
  • Built-in platform security (no root access) and multi-factor authentication
  • Encrypts data in-flight and at rest (AES-256) that only customers can access 
  • AWS PrivateLink integration secures data transfers between Druva and your AWS VPC

Extreme storage efficiency with no management overhead

  • Source, global deduplication across on-premises and cloud SDDCs 
  • One resilient backup in the cloud eliminates offsite requirements and duplicate data
  • Integrated cloud archiving for long-term retention cuts storage costs by 20%

Simplified cloud DR for VMware

  • One-click, orchestrated failover at scale in minutes with failback to production.
  • Pre-flight testing validates DR plan configurations 
  • Unlimited DR testing in the cloud to meet compliance requirements

Flexible restores and workload mobility across on-premises and cloud

  • Instant VM restore on-premises without hardware lock-in
  • Restore on-premises VMs in the cloud to facilitate workload migrations
  • Application-aware backup and recovery of Microsoft SQL

How it Works

Druva connects to your VMware environment via a proxy. The Proxy Deployer makes this easy.


The Druva proxy discovers VM and lists them in the management console. Easily filter VMs to take action quickly.


From one page, apply or create an administrative group, a storage target, a backup policy and a backup proxy (or proxy pool)


Use Druva auto-configuration rules to identify and protect new VMs based on VM folder, data store, host & cluster or tag.


Get the big picture or quickly drill into VMware job activity without ever leaving the main dashboard. Apply filters to find what matters fast.


Application aware recovery of SQL requires no agents and gives you both flexible database and VM recovery options.


Product Tour

Take a self guided walkthrough of Druva's data resilience capabilities for VMware

When I started looking at other vendors, I found that they were all similar to Veeam in that none of them, except Druva, could offer us one cloud-native solution to protect VMs and SaaS applications.

Aaron Matatov, IT Infrastructure Manager

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