SaaS Applications

The #1 SaaS Data Protection Platform

Comprehensive data protection that supports multiple SaaS applications – Microsoft 365, Salesforce, and Google Workspace – from a single platform.

Stop data loss from insider attacks and accidental deletion

Insider attacks, accidental data deletion, and data corruption pose a clear and present danger for organizations. Secure by design, Druva provides air-gapped storage, encryption, access control, and data immutability to deliver always-on data protection.

Security and high availability

Defend your data from ransomware

Backups are the last resort to recovering data from ransomware. With Druva’s golden snapshots, SaaS customers quickly access disaster recovery with agility and confidence.

Reduce total data protection costs

Protect multiple SaaS workloads

Whether you use Microsoft 365, Google, or Salesforce, orchestrate SaaS data management, remove complexity, and reduce admin overhead with Druva.

Cloud-native data protection for the all-cloud world

Deploy in 15 minutes, nearly zero admin burden

Architectural simplicity, no hardware or software, flexible backup policies, rapid recovery, and a user experience that delights customers.

Druva for SaaS Applications

Druva provides a flexible, comprehensive, central platform for business-critical data protection and management across multiple SaaS applications. Built in the cloud, Druva makes it easy to discover, protect, and govern your SaaS data, wherever it resides.

Druva for SaaS Applications
“We believe everyone at CityU deserves a cutting-edge experience. Now, with Druva, we can guarantee that their hard work from Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 is safe in the cloud.”

Chris Fung Sr. IT Manager

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