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Protect SAP HANA Databases Wherever They Run

Your SAP HANA databases are critical to your business. Keep them safe with Druva’s SAP-certified backup solution.

Cloud Data Protection for SAP HANA Databases

Druva's SAP-certified agent works seamlessly with all deployments, on-premises or public cloud, delivering industry-best security tools for SAP HANA backups.

SAP-certified backup solution

SAP-certified protection

SAP has certified Druva as a third-party backup tool for integration with SAP HANA Backint (SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 01-06 and SLES12,15, RHEL7,8 - x86).

Enterprise scale support

Enterprise scale support

Protect SAP HANA system and tenant databases on a single node or across multiple nodes for infinite scale.

Unified platform for SAP HANA

A unified platform for SAP HANA

One platform for secure SAP HANA database protection in the public cloud and on-premises.

Improve DBA control

Improve DBA control

Cockpit/SAP HANA Studio and HDBSQL (for command line) driven backup and restore protects auto-discovered SAP HANA systems and tenant databases.

Air-tight Backups in the Druva Cloud

By backing up mission-critical applications directly to the Druva Cloud, SAP HANA administrators can better address high demands for application and data availability, as well as cyber resilience for disaster recovery with secure, air-gapped backups.

Air-tight Backups in the Druva Cloud

How Does Druva for SAP HANA Work?

As SAP hosts are added to Druva, SAP HANA databases are auto-discovered.

Configure backup sets of tenant and system databases for single and multi-node use cases.

Protect and recover SAP HANA database instances in the same manner, whether on-premises or in the public cloud.

DBAs can initiate Cockpit/SAP HANA Studio and HDBSQL (for command line) driven backups and restores, while IT teams monitor SAP HANA workloads.

“Druva showed us exactly how we could streamline management and get visibility into all workloads — giving us maximum data protection control with minimal effort.”

Albert Uy Vice President, Technology Architecture and Performance Engineering

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