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Your business relies on data. Druva brings the simplicity and scale of the cloud to enterprise backup and data management.


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What do we do?

Data protection
for the cloud era

Druva offers a SaaS platform for data protection across data centers, cloud applications, and endpoints. Securely backup and recover data with the scale and simplicity of the public cloud, and only pay for what you use, reducing your overall TCO. Enforce data governance and extract more intelligence with search and analytics to unlock the full value of your data.

What does it mean for you?

Your benefits

With Druva you get the power and savings of a native cloud architecture allowing you to streamline your cloud data protection and reduce administrative overhead.

Your data is secure in the cloud
The cloud delivers the highest level of availability, resiliency and scalability to keep your data safe.
Reduce TCO by up to 50%
No hardware, no software, no surprises. Just a very transparent business model that saves you money.
Save time with radical simplicity
0% infrastructure, 100% cloud. Your data is managed with one intuitive interface that gets you up and running in 15 minutes.
Turn data into
a business asset
Turn data into a business asset
Enforce governance and extract business intelligence from one trusted source of data in the cloud.

Intro How do we do it? data-protection-scaled Druva Cloud Platform Data protection Cloud data protection ensures your data is immediately available and recoverable, regardless of the source. Disaster recovery


Backup & restore
Intro How do we do it? data-governance-scaled Druva Cloud Platform Data governance Simplify the process of meeting increased regulations, data compliance, and legal demands – no matter where your data resides.


Archival eDiscovery




How do we do it? data-intelligence-scaled Druva Cloud Platform Data intelligence Leverage predictive early assessment, data forensics, and information lifecycle management to stay ahead of business data risks.



Intro How do we do it? Druva Cloud Platform Built on AWS Druva Cloud Platform is built on AWS and offered as-a-Service, delivering globally accessible, infinitely scalable and completely autonomous enterprise data resiliency. Intro Endpoints > Data center > SaaS applications > AWS workloads > How do we do it? druva-cloud-platform-scaled Druva protects Druva has the coverage you need to protect and manage data where it lives, whether on-premises or in the cloud. critical workloads

Who is using Druva?

Over 4000 enterprises
trust Druva for data protection

Over 4000 enterprises trust Druva for data protection

Global safety and training services company expands data protection to remote offices and reduces costs.


data reduction


visibility to servers

AmorePacific left behind legacy data protection and embraced cloud-first, saving time and overall costs


lower TCO


faster backups

The performance of Druva’s deduplication far exceeded expectations while meeting ambitious RTO / RPO requirements


cost savings


data reduction

88 NPS score for customer support

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The cloud has changed everything. Discover how Druva can help.

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Cloud Data Protection for Dummies. Integrate the cloud and fundamentally change the way you view your data.

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See the best of cloud data protection in action with Druva technical experts in this interactive tour.

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Explore how you can accelerate your journey to the cloud.

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