Improve cyber resilience and maintain compliance

Make your data an asset,
not a liability

Protect your business from cyber threats and comply with regulations without
additional infrastructure, by managing data in the Druva Cloud Platform

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Why invest in cyber resilience and proactive compliance monitoring?

Your data is not only valuable for your business. It’s also precious for your customers and bad actors looking to use it for corrupt activities. To face these rapidly evolving threats, your teams use disparate technologies in fragmented and decentralized strategies.

When an attack occurs, your organization can’t identify it and orchestrate the appropriate response to recover in a timely fashion. Disparate technologies lack the visibility and governance of data required to enforce regulations. And growing remote workforces impact your organization’s visibility and ability to act on data — ultimately increasing risks.

Beyond the operational challenges, significant business consequences such as — revenue losses, potentially colossal non-compliance fines, and a damaged brand due to the customer impact — are devastating. Data is a real liability when it is not protected and non-compliant.

One platform to keep your data safe and available

The Druva Cloud Platform provides one system of records to protect and govern data to keep you in control. Intelligently tracking changes in the data and collaborating with your security and governance stacks, Druva keeps your business resilient from cyber threats and compliant at all times.

See how the Druva Cloud Platform works

Cyber resilience and compliance monitoring benefits

Keep your data resilient and compliant with the Druva Cloud Platform’s air-gapped architecture, governance and incident response policies, and monitoring of anomalies for an instant response.

Improve business resilience and brand reputation

Protect, manage data with one platform, make it available, safe from threats, and maintain compliance. Your business and customers will thank you.

Mitigate risks and impact of attacks

Identify attacks, contain infected data, and orchestrate recovery — thanks to integrating the Druva Cloud Platform with your security solution.

Faster time to eDiscovery insights and action

Focus eDiscovery processes on analysis and actions as data is collected, preserved, and available in the Druva Cloud Platform.

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How to create value with cloud data protection and compliance monitoring

Hybrid workloads backup

Backup, recover virtual machines, and databases wherever they are deployed, sources such as NAS and file servers.

Learn more about the benefits of hybrid cloud.

SaaS applications backup

Protect your Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and Salesforce data from data theft and ransomware, while keeping it compliant.

Endpoints backup

Protect your remote workforce from data loss and ransomware, while remaining compliant with data regulations.

Ransomware recovery

Protect your data by identifying, isolating attacks, and orchestrate your data recovery with your response for minimal business impact.

Discover how ransomware works, the types, and prevention methods.

eDiscovery data collection

Streamline eDiscovery processes by collecting and preserving data, and sharing it with your eDiscovery solutions.

Compliance monitoring

Leverage pre-built compliance templates to monitor your data's compliance under the management of the Druva Cloud Platform.

Long-term data retention

How to reduce costs, complexity, and risks associated with cloud data protection and long-term retention.

Your last line of defense: air-gapped backups for ransomware

Did you know that your last line of defense is air-gapped backups for ransomware recovery? Discover how Druva can help your organization innovate your cyber security strategy and enable your business to quickly recover from ransomware attacks.

How is Druva different

The Druva Cloud Platform provides data protection, including backup, recovery, cyber resilience, preventing the risks and costs from additional hardware and software.

A clean copy of your data, always available

  • Ensure data availability with forever incremental backup and disaster recovery.
  • Trust your data is secured end to end, on the fly, and at rest in the platform.
  • Manage data retention easily via policies enforced across workloads.

End-to-end security, without infrastructure complexity

  • Protect data with an air-gapped, globally, and highly available architecture.
  • Manage data globally, while complying with local data sovereignty regulations.
  • Trust our certified platform: FIPS, FedRamp, HIPAA, ITAR FISMA, SOC 2 Type II

Shorter response and smaller impact of cyber incidents

  • Isolate and quarantine potentially infected snapshots to avoid propagation.
  • Investigate and do forensics easily to identify compromised datasets.
  • Automate recovery via integration of the platform with your security ecosystem.

One system of records for eDiscovery and legal hold

  • Identify sensitive data with analysis, matching without impacting applications.
  • Use federated search for investigation, governance, and compliance.
  • Accelerate eDiscovery, legal hold by integrating with existing solutions.

Unified management via global policies

  • Manage policies centrally — the platform enforces policies across workloads.
  • Address the needs of each persona involved in one secure interface.
  • Increase efficiency with insights and recommendations provided by the platform.
We implemented Druva inSync, and not only did we enable a robust DR plan and backup strategy for all endpoints, but it also gave us ransomware protection all in one.

Robert Elworthy, Assistant Director of IT,
Langdale Industries

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