Kubernetes backup

Streamline Kubernetes backup on AWS

Protect your application deployments running on Kubernetes

IT and applications development teams are embracing Kubernetes to build new containerized apps and modernize existing apps, but too many stateful production workloads are incorrectly protected, or completely unprotected.

Why backup Kubernetes application deployments?

What makes Druva different

With the Druva Cloud Platform, users can backup Kubernetes workloads, alongside existing data center, device and cloud workloads from a single interface.

Ensure application availability

As application owners build and update environments, Druva automatically and securely stores snapshots of the entire environment to provide quick and easy recovery.

Enhanced data mobility

Snapshots can be restored to a new AWS region or account for workload migration, cloning, or troubleshooting - all through Druva’s intuitive user interface.

No more complexity

Automates Kubernetes backup for containerized applications, eliminating the steep learning curve of hands-on administration and maintenance tasks.


Druva’s application-centric solution for Kubernetes backup identifies and protects the applications and underlying storage and database services on Kubernetes deployments.

In the race to adopt containers, unfortunately, protection often gets left behind. Druva aims to offer a singular solution that can fold Kubernetes protection to an existing data management system, offering a compelling option for businesses expanding their use of container workloads.

Phil Goodwin, Research Director,

Secure centralized management

  • Single pane of glass for Kubernetes backup
  • Discover resources across AWS environments
  • Support custom containers on Amazon EC2 & EKS 
  • Manage clusters across regions and accounts

Comprehensive protection

  • Backup applications, clusters or namespaces
  • Manage backups at scale with flexible policies
  • Protect underlying storage and databases on EBS or RDS
  • Customize tiered retention options for LTR
  • Application consistent data protection

Fast, flexible recovery

  • Recover entire Kubernetes applications
  • Recover PODs within a namespace
  • Recover to new or existing namespaces
  • Recover clusters as a new cluster
  • Cross region and cross account mobility


Automated Kubernetes backup and recovery of to reduce the complexity of protecting your containerized AWS applications running on Kubernetes.

How it works

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