Guaranteed Recovery

Threat response is only as good as your ability to recover. Druva guarantees you can recover your data cleanly, on-demand, every time.

Your business is "always on". Your guaranteed threat recovery should be too.

When your business is compromised, every second counts. With Druva, you can automatically reconstruct your critical data to get back to business quickly.

Security and high availability

Intelligently recover data based on your business needs

Druva’s curated recovery capability enables you to reduce data loss by sourcing clean files from numerous snapshots into a single “golden snapshot”.

Reduce total data protection costs

Automate, orchestrate and validate, for simplicity

Automate your recovery with an orchestrated “sandbox” to validate data before it is fully restored.  This provides extra confidence that your restore isn’t compromised.

Cloud-native data protection for the all-cloud world

When the recovery stakes are high, don’t go it alone.

Druva's dedicated support team is readily available and free to assist with recovery efforts, ensuring that businesses can count on a trusted partner when it matters most.

“Saving time is great, but it’s so much more than that, because even when I was spending all those hours before, the backups could still fail. Now, with Druva, I have peace of mind for guaranteed recovery, which is priceless.”

Vinnie Chhabra IT Engineer, Medallia

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In this demo, walk through the Druva console and see how to recover clean data in just a few clicks

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