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Protect your Amazon S3 data securely using AWS PrivateLink with Druva

Saurabh Kaushal, Principal Product Manager

We are happy to announce that Druva Hybrid Workloads now supports protecting Amazon S3 data, accessed via AWS Storage Gateway. 

How Amazon S3 is used as storage for unstructured data

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) is the largest and most performant object storage service for structured and unstructured data and the storage service of choice for building a data lake. Amazon S3 allows you to migrate, store, manage, and secure all structured and unstructured data at an unlimited scale, breaking down data silos.

Why it is essential to backup Amazon S3 data

Cloud data security is a shared responsibility of the cloud vendor and the owner of the data. AWS shared responsibility model recommends implementing a backup strategy as part of security “in” the cloud.

How Druva supports backup of Amazon S3 data

Druva now supports backup and restore of AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) data via NAS shares. Amazon S3 backup enables you to protect data from ransomware, user errors, and when credentials are compromised. It is also used to reduce the cost of storing multiple object versions. Druva’s data protection solution leverages Amazon S3 File Gateway deployed in an EC2 instance in your AWS account via SMB/NFS protocol with Druva NAS proxy.

With Druva, you have the flexibility of backing up your data over the internet using AWS Internet Gateway or you can configure the NAS proxy to use AWS Private Link.

Druva is the first 100% SaaS-based data protection vendor to leverage AWS PrivateLink which makes it easy to connect services across different accounts and VPCs to significantly simplify and secure your network architecture with additional key benefits. The use of AWS PrivateLink ensures that your data isn’t exposed to the public Internet, and you pay 50% less data egress charges. 

Learn more about how Druva delivers AWS data protection without breaking the bank in our recent white paper.

The following diagram shows an overview of the Amazon S3 data protection solution: 

Backing up Amazon S3 data over AWS PrivateLink

Backing up Amazon S3 data over AWS PrivateLink

Backing up Amazon S3 data over a public network

Backing up Amazon S3 data over a public network

Why Druva? 

Accelerated incremental backup for NAS

Druva’s unique Advanced Smart Scan makes it significantly faster for customers to protect NAS shares, resulting in an up to 50x improvement in throughput for incremental backups

Ransomware protection and Data Resiliency Guarantee

Druva delivers secure, air-gapped backups so you always have safe, unencrypted data to recover. For select workloads, Druva offers accelerated ransomware recovery tools including anomaly detection, quarantine, and malware scanning, so you can recover with confidence.

Druva introduced the industry’s most comprehensive data resiliency guarantee, the only program backed by the reliability, security, and availability of the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud. In adopting the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud, customers can now gain even more confidence that they are protected against a wide variety of data loss and downtime events across five key risk categories: cyber, human, application, operation, and environmental. 

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