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Defend data with
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Why invest in
ransomware recovery?

The volume of cyber threats is increasing each day.  Current organizations and their existing infrastructures can’t identify or recover from ransomware fast enough, especially across workloads that encompass endpoints and data centers. To limit ransomware vulnerabilities, organizations must leverage more advanced social engineering techniques to facilitate the spread of these attacks. Druva’s comprehensive cloud data protection and robust defense-in-depth security and compliant platform empowers your infosec teams to protect, detect, respond, and recover faster in the case of external or internal attacks, ransomware, insider attacks, and accidental or malicious data deletion. While it’s impossible to immunize from future malware attacks, Druva guarantees that you can significantly increase your odds of faster response and recovery.

What makes Druva’s ransomware recovery solution different?

Druva’s comprehensive cloud data protection, robust defense-in-depth security and ransomware response and recovery can empower Security Operations and IT teams to protect, detect, respond and recover faster in case of any external or internal data threats, ransomware, and malware.

See how Druva’s ransomware recovery improves
cyber resilience

Ransomware protection benefits

Reliable backup and recovery is critical to defend against ransomware. Druva provides comprehensive data protection against ransomware attacks. Rapidly recover with agility and confidence.

Defend business and workforce against data loss

Improve information security posture with faster risk mitigations and prevent spread within minutes of threat identification.

Ensure a robust data isolation architecture

Recover data quickly with flexible recovery options from previous snapshots at the backup and file level.

Automate response and recovery process

Respond proactively with full visibility into backup to mitigate any unusual data activity, prevent contamination, and threat permeation.

How does ransomware protection and recovery work?

Improve your cyber resilience with Druva ransomware recovery

With ransomware on the rise, an effective backup plan is an essential part of a strong cybersecurity strategy. With Druva’s ransomware recovery, you get a secure, air-gapped backup combined with ransomware detection and quarantine so that you can recover with confidence.

How is Druva’s ransomware recovery different?

Zero trust security architecture

  • Multi-factor authentication and access control 
  • Combination of Bastion, VPN, MFA and auto expiring dynamic credentials
  • Unique per tenant AES-256 encryption for data in flight and at rest

Complete visibility and data access insights

  • Detect anomalies by leveraging ML and data entropy 
  • Monitor reported failures, detect malicious activity
  • Federated search for infected files and indicators of compromise

Monitor unusual data access

  • Automatic alerts and notifications 
  • Identify potential risks, data anomalies
  • GeoFencing capabilities ensure access from allowed IP addresses

Quarantining and deletion of snapshots

  • Admins can quarantine or delete infected snapshots
  • Customize admin roles to prevent snapshots deletion
  • Admins can wipe-clean infected devices

Protect last clean copy and prevent spread

  • Mitigate the risk of ransomware spread
  • Identify infected snapshots and quarantine data 
  • Block restores or downloads of infected  snapshots
Protecting against ransomware is a number one priority and Druva has very straightforward mechanisms for protecting against it.

Lewis Barbour, Head of IT
Policy Services

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