Enterprise Workloads

Cloud-Native Data Protection for AWS Workloads

Protect your AWS backup applications from data loss and cyber threats with simple, scalable, snapshot orchestration, air-gapped backup, and disaster recovery solutions.

Radically Simple Cloud-Native Protection for AWS Backup

Druva delivers an ‘all-in-one’ snapshot, backup and DR solution to easily protect application data. Powered by AWS, Druva is ideal for all applications on AWS, native and migrated.

Support for Amazon EC2, RDS & more

Support for Amazon EC2, RDS & more

Global visibility, simplified management, and autonomous data resilience for your organization’s AWS environment.

Scale protection of lift & shift workloads

Scale protection of lift & shift workloads

Accelerate your cloud projects with reliable data protection of migrated Oracle and SQL databases running on Amazon EC2.

No software, no hardware required

No software, no hardware required

Benefit from 100% cloud-native data protection for your applications running on AWS, designed for infinite scale, security, and flexibility.

Fill Your AWS Data Protection Gaps

Druva offers a 100% cloud data protection platform that combines snapshots, backups, and DR for AWS at enterprise scale. Simplify snapshot orchestration, reduce storage costs, and improve your ransomware readiness with secure, air-gapped backups outside of your AWS environment.

Druva for NAS Backup

How It Works

Enhanced snapshot orchestration, and DR for core AWS services including Amazon EC2, RDS, DynamoDB, and more, with data flexibility across regions and accounts.

Automatically archive backup data to Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier Deep-Archive in the Druva Cloud to reduce storage costs.

Easily restore to any point in time across regions and accounts with fast, granular, app-aware recovery for Oracle and SQL databases, and EC2 instances to minimize downtime.

Create isolated backup copies stored outside of the primary source environment and enable the immutable policy option to block manual deletion.

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“Thanks to the visibility Druva offers — VMs, file servers, Oracle and SQL databases, and Amazon EC2 instances — we were able to cut our backups in half.”

Timothy Loranger Cloud Infrastructure Services Leader

Trusted by the world’s leading organizations

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