Workloads on AWS

Cloud-Native Data Protection for Workloads on AWS

Protect against data loss or downtime, with simple, scalable, automated backup and cloud disaster recovery for all applications on AWS

Radically simple cloud-native data protection, built for AWS

Druva is the leading data protection solution for all applications on AWS — both native and migrated, enabling customers to accelerate cloud projects. Powered by AWS, Druva’s SaaS platform delivers ‘all-in-one’ cloud backup and DR to easily protect application data across all AWS workloads.

Easily protect AWS services like EC2, RDS, EKS & more

Snapshot management, retention and life-cycle management for cloud native services

Scalable, cloud-native protection of lift & shift workloads

Accelerate cloud projects by protecting workloads like Oracle, SQL, file servers

No software, no hardware required

Benefit from 100% cloud-native data protection for your applications running on AWS, designed for infinite scale, security, and flexibility.

Data protection for native AWS workloads

Simple, scalable backup and DR for workloads on AWS

With Druva’s cloud-native SaaS platform, you can leave behind the cost and complexity found in solutions that aren’t built for the cloud. You save time and money, while getting comprehensive data protection, purpose-built for workloads on AWS, that’s secure, scalable, and always available.


How is Druva different

Druva is the only purpose-built, SaaS data protection solution for AWS – including cloud-native apps (EC2, RDS), containers (EKS), and migrated workloads (Oracle, SQL)

Test Drive in 15 mins, Scale infinitely

  • Get protected instantly — it takes less than 15 minutes to deploy
  • Eliminate the need for additional software, hardware, or maintenance
  • Custom built for AWS, offering automated, policy-based protection
  • Automation/orchestration of backup policies reduces risk of human error

Most comprehensive data protection for AWS

  • Enhanced backup, recovery, and DR for core AWS services like EC2, RDS and more
  • Reliable protection of migrated Oracle, and SQL databases on AWS
  • Streamline backups of containerized AWS apps running on Kubernetes
  • VPC level protection, and simplified policy-based management at scale

Fast, flexible recovery

  • Rapidly recover from accidental deletion, outages, and ransomware attacks
  • Easily restore to any point in time — based on your latest backup copies
  • Fast, granular, application-aware recovery to minimize downtime
  • Orchestrate recovery of workloads in AWS to another region or account

Lower your TCO by 50%

  • Save up to 50% on long-term data retention with intelligent storage tiering
  • Eliminate the need for any additional software, or hardware costs
  • Global source-based deduplication to minimize storage costs
  • Improve IT efficiency and eliminate the need for dedicated resources

Cost effective, backup based DR

  • Expand your cloud disaster recovery capabilities at no additional cost
  • Optimize costs by utilizing fully integrated cloud backups for DR plans
  • Simple ‘one-click’ DR to any AWS region or account
  • Unlimited DR plan testing to validate RTO and RPO requirements

Centralized management

  • Centralized visibility and management for all workloads on AWS
  • Standardize backup policies across native and migrated AWS workloads
  • Reduce risk from moving parts (network, security, people, process)
  • Built on AWS cloud native infrastructure, for global scale and flexibility
Protect data anywhere with Druva and AWS
Druva data protection for AWS workloads

Druva’s backup, recovery and DR solution for workloads on AWS allows organizations to increase cyber resilience, reduce costs, and complexity. With Druva, you can easily meet compliance requirements with simple and reliable failover for AWS cloud workloads.

How it works

Enhanced backup and DR for core AWS services including Amazon EC2, RDS, DynamoDB, and more, with data flexibility across regions and accounts.


Reduce storage costs by automatically archiving backup data to cold storage tiers including Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier.


Reduce your RTO to minutes, with the flexibility to recover AWS resources across different regions or accounts for business continuity.


Easily restore to any point in time with fast, granular, app-aware recovery for Oracle and SQL databases, and EC2 instances to minimize downtime.

application-aware recovery

Streamline backups for modern containerized apps on AWS and protect application deployments running on Kubernetes.

Thanks to the visibility Druva offers relating to all backups — VMs, physical file servers, Oracle and SQL databases, and EC2 instances — we were able to cut our backups in half, and, leveraging Druva’s solution for Oracle, achieve a four times reduction in EBS storage consumption.

Timothy Loranger, Cloud Infrastructure Services Leader
Suez Water Technologies & Solutions

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