Druva — Google Workspace Backup That’s as Quick and Easy as a Google Search

Mike Taylor, Content Marketing Manager and Sarah Doherty, Director of Product Marketing, SaaS Apps

While the rapid adoption of SaaS-based applications has been fueled by the unique advantages of cloud-based apps for remote workforces, it is essential to note that increased data sprawl and endpoints have opened the door for cybercriminals to compromise your data. While cloud-based collaboration software like Google Workspace provides many advantages over traditional, locally stored data, experts are increasingly recommending that organizations keeping critical data within the platform leverage third-party solutions to address gaps in its native capabilities, particularly for backup and recovery, ransomware recovery, advanced threat protection, encryption, and business continuity. 

Enterprises need to evaluate their needs, locate data silos, and choose a cloud-native, third-party data protection solution to scale and overcome the fundamental challenges of managing data within Google Workspace. And frequently, these solutions come with a better price point than Google offers. 

Druva — Industry-leading data protection and recovery for Google Workspace

Druva’s Data Resiliency Cloud was distinguished by Forrester in its SaaS Applications New Wave as “differentiated” for usability, product vision, and customer support. The solution earned Druva a “Leader” score for its strong SaaS Application Data Protection (SADP) support and enterprise capabilities for protecting Microsoft 365Google Workspace, and Salesforce data in one unified and easy-to-manage platform. The analyst firm acknowledged Druva’s expertise serving the needs of large enterprises and SMBs alike, satisfying backup, security needs, data residency, recovery, and integration concerns. Download their report to learn more.

For Google Workspace specifically, Druva provides a comprehensive, scalable, and cost-effective 100% SaaS-based platform to protect critical data — including Gmail, Google Drive, and Shared Drives. It protects against common risks like accidental deletion, file corruption, insider attacks, ransomware, non-compliance with data retention, legal hold, and eDiscovery. 

Druva’s secure platform seamlessly scales to provide comprehensive data resiliency across the entire IT environment with competitive pricing — customers pay only for the storage they use and reduce total costs up to 50% in most cases. Visit the SaaS cost advantage page to see how much your organization could save by switching to Druva.

What makes Druva ideal for protecting Google Workspace data?

Backup and retention 100% in the cloud

Google Workspace files are backed up directly to the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud on AWS. As a 100% SaaS platform, Druva customers are freed from additional cloud storage or hardware costs, as well as needing to manage or update software. IT can then shift its focus from managing the day-to-day needs of the platform to higher-value initiatives. Agentless architecture improves recovery performance and avoids taxing WAN bandwidth or latency. Druva offers optional unlimited or customizable data retention for Google Workspace to meet data retention and compliance needs.

Accelerated recovery to meet the strictest RPO/RTO requirements

An end user or admin can search for files or view their Drive exactly how it looked at any point in time before restoring directly into their Google account. Admins have the flexibility to restore Drive files into whichever account they prefer. Druva APIs enable third-party applications to restore objects programmatically, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

This solution is particularly effective at negating the effects of ransomware and other cyber threats. Learn more.

Air-tight security and privacy

Druva is compliant with many of the strictest regulations today, including HIPAA, FedRAMP, and more. Druva-managed keys use enterprise-grade digital envelope encryption for data in transit (256-bit TLS) and at rest (AES 256-bit), meeting the highest levels of data security and privacy for your Google Workspace backup data. Alternatively, customers have the option to use their own AWS Keys to secure backup sets or create Global or Profile admins to support the delegation of backup and restore responsibilities to prevent data loss attributed to disgruntled employees/rogue admins. Learn more about Druva’s security posture and observability solution.

Multi-layered ransomware defense

To recover from data corruption of customers’ Google Workspace environment, Druva provides a “data cocoon” — true isolation of backup data from customer-controlled storage environments. In addition, unlimited retention for Google Workspace enables ransomware recovery from a clean snapshot, even if the malware has been present in your environment and infecting data for months. Take an in-depth look at how Druva boosts enterprise data resiliency.

eDiscovery and legal hold without the complexity or cost

Unified legal hold management enables the proactive collection and preservation of Google Workspace and endpoint data, and its electronic chain of custody until it is extracted, processed, and analyzed in an eDiscovery platform. Druva integrates with market-leading, cloud-native eDiscovery tools to seamlessly collect, preserve, and upload data relevant to legal matters into eDiscovery platforms for review, analysis, and production.

Users pre-cull eDiscovery data by dimensions such as time range and keywords, so that only the most relevant, minimized data set is provided for downstream analysis by the legal team. Visit the eDiscovery solution page of the Druva website to learn more.

Proactive and automated compliance monitoring

Druva takes the guesswork out of compliance monitoring with out-of-box, predefined, customizable response templates for potential violations of key global regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA, and delivers alerts to quickly remediate violations. Easily customize pre-built compliance templates for global regulation and PII, or create your own templates for governance policies, including regulation or internal data governance policies. Learn more.

Next steps

Simple, secure, and scalable — Druva is the ideal choice for protecting your Google Workspace data, no matter the use case. Take a deep dive into how Druva closes the critical gaps in native SaaS apps backup in our resources below. 

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