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Native Google Workspace backup comes up short

While the platform includes some backup capabilities, it lacks comprehensive coverage putting business-critical data at risk for loss, corruption, and ransomware. Only purpose-built, third-party solutions can address these, and frequently come with a better price point than those offered by Google.

Explore how Druva addresses each of these issues in the datasheet

How Druva fills Google’s native data protection gaps

Druva helps some of the world’s largest enterprises, in addition to small to mid-sized businesses, protect their investment in Google Workspace from data loss and compliance violations. Druva’s industry-leading solutions give users a single pane of glass to monitor and protect data no matter where it resides.

How is Druva different?

Druva provides a comprehensive, scalable, and cost-effective 100% SaaS-based platform to protect Google Workspace data, including Gmail, Google Drive, and Shared Drives. Druva’s secure platform seamlessly supports other cloud applications and endpoints to provide comprehensive data resiliency across the entire IT environment. 

Druva for SaaS apps demo

In this short demo, get a walkthrough of just how Druva keeps your SaaS application data secure, simplifying backup and recovery across Microsoft 365, Salesforce, and Google Workspace from one simple console.

Simple, secure, and scalable —
Druva does it all

Forrester Research recommends organizations leveraging Google Workspace use third-party solutions to address critical gaps in its native capabilities. The analyst firm acknowledged Druva’s expertise, designating it a “Leader” for SaaS apps data protection across Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and Salesforce in one unified and easy-to-manage platform. 

Whether it’s accidental or malicious deletion, I don’t worry about it because I have confidence that data is being backed up.

Colin McCarthy, VP of Global IT, Essence

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