Simple, secure, air-gapped backups for Amazon EC2 resources

Steven Duff, Product Marketing

Organizations need to back up Amazon EC2 servers and retain this data for multiple reasons including operational recovery, business continuity, compliance, or customer contracts. Natively, AWS offers the capability to take EBS snapshots or AMIs, but they are created in the same region and same account as the source. For business continuity, additional copies need to be copied into another account/region with overheads of isolated access setup and storage costs. Standard EBS snapshots on the standard price tier are also significantly costlier for long-term retention. As a result, managing snapshot data in multiple regions and accounts is costly, and adds complexity and operational challenges.

Use cases

Lack of air-gap environment to protect against ransomware

As standard Amazon EBS snapshots are created in the same region as the source, in the same AWS account, this poses a greater risk of backups being deleted by ransomware, insider threats, or accidental deletion. Customers are now looking for secure, encrypted, and air-gapped backups that are isolated from their primary production environment to ensure business continuity.

Costly to retain snapshots when creating multiple copies

Standard Amazon EBS snapshot storage pricing is significantly costlier for long-term retention ($0.05 per GB of data stored). EBS snapshots are incremental but don't offer dedupe capabilities across snapshot data. If you require additional snapshot copies into another account/region, for business continuity or compliance purposes, you also incur the overheads of isolated account setup and costs. Managing snapshot data in multiple regions and accounts also adds additional complexity and operational challenges.

Introducing EC2 Backup to the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud 

The Druva Data Resiliency Cloud removes the need for cross-account and cross-region snapshots and provides secure, air-gapped backups to protect against ransomware with a 50% lower TCO. 

Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), Druva harnesses and builds on the native technologies and global reach of AWS.

“Modern organizations are flocking to the public cloud for its speed, scale and vast array of on-demand services,” said David Gildea, Vice President of Product, Druva. “Unfortunately, the increased demand for speed often leads to a reliance on standard data protection practices which are insufficient, costly, and incredibly complex. By combining critical snapshot, backup, and disaster recovery capabilities in a single seamless interface, AWS users can significantly increase their data resilience, reduce costs by up to 50 percent, and ideally position their company for future cloud growth.”

How it works

Druva for Amazon EC2

Key features and benefits

In adopting the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud for the protection of Amazon EC2 workloads, customers can expect a number of benefits, including: 

  • Complete protection: Combine snapshot orchestration for fast, operational recovery and secure, air-gapped backups for ransomware protection
  • Secure, air-gapped data: Secure, encrypted, and air-gapped backups, isolated from customers’ production environments 
  • Radical storage efficiency: Built-in source-side global deduplication and automated cold-storage tiering for long-term retention 
  • Implement backup based, cost-effective cloud DR: Eliminate the need for additional software, hardware, or a second managed DR site
  • Ease of use: Global visibility and control, with simplified AWS backup management for tens to thousands of AWS accounts
  • Enterprise-scale: Infinite scale to support any size environment — no hardware, software appliances, or servers to install or manage, ever
  • Fast recovery: Perform fast, point-in-time restores across AWS regions and accounts in minutes

Key takeaways

Thousands of organizations leverage Amazon EC2 to build and run applications with speed and confidence, but as they expand their cloud footprint, data visibility, protection, and recovery often become costly and complex challenges. The latest innovations within the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud highlight how Druva can address these pain points and is helping businesses unlock even more value in the cloud through a radically simplified approach.


We’re excited about the release of our EC2 backup capabilities for both AWS and Druva customers. Druva’s cloud backup capabilities for Amazon EC2 workloads will be generally available via the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud this Spring 2022. 

Learn more about what Druva can do for your AWS environment on the Druva website.