Data Protection. Data Governance. Data Intelligence. All Built on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Druva is Built on AWS

Druva + AWS, Better Together

  • Remove the burden on your network and storage by leveraging AWS as the underlying platform to centralize data protection across servers, endpoints and cloud applications.
  • Employ multiple information management services on a single golden copy of data; backup, archiving, governance and analytics without replicating data or infrastructure.
  • Ensure your growing, global organization’s data is always covered with the global reach, durability, and infinite, on-demand scale of the cloud.
GulfMark Protects Business-Critical Data on Land and at Sea

Proven, Real-World Success. Powered by Druva + AWS


Industry: Engineering

Use Case: M&A

Description: TRC leverages AWS and Druva to standardize infrastructure and corporate data during an acquisition.


Industry: Manufacturing

Use Case: Ransomware

Description: Hatco protects employee and customer data against ransomware and malicious attacks with AWS and Druva.


Industry: Energy

Use Case: Data Protection

Description: GulfMark centralizes backup and recovery for all data on land and at sea with AWS and Druva.


Industry: Education

Use Case: IT Refresh

Description: ASU leverages AWS and Druva to simplify device and OS refresh for all staff, employees and students.

Port Nola

Industry: Infrastructure

Use Case: Data Protection

Description: Port of New Orleans modernizes and streamlines backup and disaster recovery with AWS and Druva.


Industry: Pharmaceuticals

Use Case: Data Governance

Description: Allergan relies on AWS and Druva during mergers and acquisitions to protect and govern newly acquired company’s data.


Druva and AWS Break the Data Center to Cloud Barrier

AWS Native Architecture

AWS Native Architecture:

Easily scale into the petabytes with unmatched storage flexibility, data durability, and security, with a fully cloud-architected data protection solution.

Global Storage Footprint:

Meet data residency and compliance requirements, with over 14 global AWS storage regions that are on-demand when needed.

Patented Storage Technology:

Lower costs with Druva’s patented global deduplication technology, forever increment backups and auto-tiering of data from hot, warm to long-term cold storage in AWS.

Snowball Integration for Petabyte-Scale Workload Mobility:

Easily move large workloads to and from the cloud with Snowball Edge’s plug and play as-a-Service capabilities, pre-configured with Druva’s data management technology, at no extra cost.

Direct Connect Integration:

Eliminate data protection hardware with integrated AWS Direct Connect support for high-speed, low latency transfers.

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Druva: Data Protection and Management at Scale

Druva: Data Protection and Management at Scale