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Decrease compliance and storage costs even as data volumes grow

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Long-term data shouldn’t be
spread across storage silos

Managing long-term data retention across storage tiers is expensive and difficult.  Especially as your retention periods grow — your business expands locations or becomes subject to regional storage requirements — and as you begin to migrate, run, in addition to protect applications in the cloud. Visibility into backup, storage, and compliance costs, as well as overall infrastructure utilization is frequently poor, particularly when managing long-term retention with on-premises infrastructure spread across multiple locations. And yet, simply moving backup data to cold storage in the cloud does little to improve visibility and often results in surprise costs and a new storage tier to manage.

Remove costs, complexity, and risk from long-term data retention

Single-click, policy-driven enablement of cloud data retention across Amazon S3 storage tiers ensures resilience and the option to back up directly to cold storage offers up to 50% savings. Make your cloud storage and retention costs predictable with simple consumption-based pricing and no egress charges.

How cloud data retention delivers cost savings

Cloud backup and
long-term data retention

Remove cost and complexity with data protection and long-term retention by storing one copy of data securely in the Druva Cloud. Eliminate the need to procure and manage both infrastructure and data as it ages

Reduce data protection costs

Achieve dramatic storage efficiency with global deduplication across storage tiers and both automated storage tiering and a direct-to-cold storage tier.

Ease of use

Access data for on-premises, hybrid, and cloud workloads with a unified console. Single-click enablement, no limit to the number of backups in cold storage.

Reduce risks and simplify compliance

Druva cloud storage is highly resilient, secure, and available in 14+ regions globally. Druva also meets a range of compliance and privacy standards.

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How does long-term cloud data retention and storage work?

Druva solves your long-term data retention needs

Watch this video and see how you can transform data retention and compliance with cloud backup.

How is long-term data retention and storage different with Druva?

Modern data management model

  • Optimize storage costs by matching data value and restore needs to storage tier
  • Store data on the most resilient and scalable cloud infrastructure
  • Best-in-class, global, source-deduplication across storage tiers

Maximize the value of your backup data

  • Automated tiering of backup data into Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive
  • Direct-to-cold backup for large file types with infrequent access   
  • Storage insights and analytics for long-term planning

Reduce AWS and backup storage bills

  • Policy-driven tiering of backup data into Amazon S3 Glacier tiers
  • Direct-to-cold backup for large file types with infrequent access
  • Seamless recovery of files, databases, VMs, and snapshots

Data privacy, residency, and compliance simplified

  • Smart, global search of data across all storage tiers regardless of age
  • Supports a wide number of compliance and data privacy initiatives
  • Meet residency requirements with 14+ AWS storage regions

Cloud expertise

  • 150+ petabytes of data under management in the cloud
  • 100% cloud-native solution that leverages available AWS technologies 
  • Reduce risk from moving parts (network, security, people, process)
The big win for us came from the SaaS model that Druva provides….it enabled us to reduce TCO through long term data retention and storage. A massive cost reduction for us.

David Peace, Network & Security Administrator,
Ipswich Grammar School

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