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My first few days as Druva’s CMO – Gartner MQ, QBRs, board meetings, and drinking from the fire hose

Ash Parikh, CMO

After more than a decade in the SaaS integration and data management space, Druva represents the business built exactly for this moment, and I couldn’t be more excited to join as part of its exciting journey ahead. 

Only days into joining the team, I have not been disappointed. To kick things off, in my very first  week at Druva, the company stormed into the 2021 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™  Enterprise Backup and Recovery Software Solutions on debut, as a Visionary and positioned highest in ability to execute. Being named in the Magic Quadrant as the only true SaaS platform is only further validation as we commit to transforming the world of data protection with simplicity, supporting new age workloads and SaaS applications, and scaling needs on-demand. 

The unique innovative spirit and passion of the Druva team has quickly become evident over the last several weeks as everyone works toward a singular goal – excellence. Druva is a company that was built on innovation, with a challenger mentality that permeates from its leadership into everything it does — from its offerings to its people. I recognize how unique this is and am humbled to join this family.

A monumental shift 

The data protection market is an incredibly competitive space, and IDC tracks more than 40 companies in the space. But when I survey the field versus Druva, I believe there are four undeniable, innovative capabilities the Druva Cloud Platform brings that simply cannot be matched at scale by any other solution.

  1. End-to-end SaaS business model
  2. Cloud-native data protection
  3. Ransomware recovery
  4. Cloud workload protection
  5. Industry leader since 2013

1. End-to-end SaaS business model

In the rush to launch a “SaaS-based” service for data protection, the industry has essentially been paying lip service. While others might offer their customers something that resembles a SaaS solution, the technology behind the scenes is still very much based on legacy hardware and data centers. Druva’s SaaS solution extends beyond its industry leading customer experience and extends through the entire business, from the way our infrastructure is built and how our engineers build and launch new products, to how we bill customers and recognize revenue. SaaS isn’t just a delivery model, it’s a business model, and if a vendor isn’t a true SaaS business, then it can’t embrace (and pass along) all of the innovation, efficiencies, and benefits that come from it.  

2. Cloud-native data protection

The common way to run backups in the cloud is to take a traditional on-premises backup solution and perform what the industry calls a “lift-and-shift operation.” But the downfall of this is that vendors end up renting the most expensive infrastructure the cloud has to offer for 24×7 access and pass that cost on to customers, even if you’re only using the service a few hours a day.  Instead, if you run your backup software natively in the cloud, you can leverage how the cloud works and avoid exorbitant costs.  Instead of paying for 24×7 service, you pay for what you use. And when the vendor, and the IaaS provider lower their COGS, those savings are passed directly on to the user. Druva only charges customers for how much of our service you consume, which saves customers up to 50 percent in TCO compared to other pricing and usage models! 

3. Ransomware recovery

Ransomware is an omnipresent threat, and the reality is that most businesses will be impacted by some level of ransomware and/or malicious attack in the next year or so, if they haven’t already. Druva’s proven framework, which has received FedRAMP authorization, operates on AWS GovCloud, and is now a Cyber Catalyst designated solution offers comprehensive cloud data protection, robust security, and ransomware defense and recovery solutions to empower security operations and IT teams. Druva users, like Vertrax, can protect, detect, respond, and recover faster from external or internal threats. With Druva, data is air-gapped, immutable, and continuously backed up consistent with governance policies. The Druva Cloud Platform is the only data protection solution that delivers a single system of record across data protection, security, and governance stacks, enabling better collaboration across key IT functions driving business resilience and compliance.

4. Cloud workload protection

It’s no secret that the future of business is in the cloud. But the real question is “what’s next?” So after you move your workloads to cloud environments, how are you going to back them up, protect them and recover them? You certainly aren’t going to want to pull it back down from the cloud onto a piece of hardware. Instead, businesses increasingly need protection in the same place their data is being created and stored: in the cloud. Whether it’s saving data from SaaS applications like Microsoft 365, Slack or Google Workspace for compliance, business-critical data from Salesforce, or cloud-native workloads in AWS, businesses need a single solution to unify the protection and management of all this data. Druva Cloud Platform is the only solution that offers all of this, plus protection for hybrid workloads like VMware, in a single platform. 

5. Industry leader since 2013

Even in its earliest days, Druva understood the potential of SaaS and the tremendous value it can bring to customers. Its leaders recognized the future to come, and pioneered an all-in-one cloud years before others were ready to even dip a toe into the proverbial pool. And now, while others are rushing to build their cloud strategy, Druva has more than eight years of experience building innovative and industry-leading solutions in the cloud. So when you’re ready to make the jump, are you going to trust the vendor that wants you to take the leap of faith with them? Or the experts and industry leader in cloud data protection and management, that has already helped thousands of companies embrace the power of the cloud?

A first choice for customers 

Customers choose Druva’s enterprise-scale SaaS solution over other offerings for its completeness of workload coverage, ability to simplify the complex, enhanced user experience and proven security framework. The reviews on Gartner Peer Insights stand for themselves:

  • The 5-star all-star solution for your cloud based backups: “The tech support at Druva is one of the best I have encountered over the 34 years in the business. It is a pleasure to speak with them and their willingness to go out of their way to resolve any issue until it is done correctly. The product works and has been very reliable…”
  • The most reliable and flexible backup solution I’ve ever used! “I’ve been in storage, backup and recovery for 25 years, and I can say without a doubt, this is the best cloud backup product I have ever had the pleasure of being able to use. It takes very little time after initial setup, management-wise, and It has never failed us… this product just works, and the support is top-notch as well. “
  • Druva consolidated our three backup vendors into one: “We have been using Druva for a month. We consolidated three different backup solutions into one with Druva. Implementation was easy. Support has been responsive and on-point.”
  • Druva is the best DR product I have ever used: “Previous solutions have had great backups, well since we did away with tapes 20 years ago, but poor server recovery which took a long time and a lot of fixing to make things work. Druva just works, I wish it existed long ago.
  • A fully functional backup solution to complement Office 365: “We have just wrapped up our onboarding of the product, but we’ve been using it since April…The onboarding team has been fantastic as well. We were looking for a cloud backup solution for our Office 365 environment, and this does everything that we could possibly want it to do. We are very impressed.”

A bright future ahead 

SaaS is now the winning model across technology categories, and businesses are quickly noticing. Many players in our space are trying to “embrace the cloud,” and while imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, this is not a change that can be done overnight.

Backing up your data and recovering it is critical, and we know this is a must have. Druva is focused on innovations that will help businesses get the most out of their data, whether that’s protecting it from ransomware with industry-first detection and recovery capabilities, building more storage analytics into the user interface so you are never surprised by a bill, or building out protection for new age workloads like Kubernetes and cloud-native workloads. 

Druva is continuing to outshine the competition as a market visionary and showcase the full value of the Druva Cloud Platform to thousands of businesses as they navigate today’s cloud era. Given today’s shifting landscape and market opportunity, I have no doubt Druva will continue to build on this momentum and reach greater heights in the future. I am thrilled to have become the newest Druvian to this growing family, and can’t wait to embark on this exciting journey with you all!

Read the new press release to learn more about Ash Parikh, Druva’s new CMO, and how he will play a critical role in supporting Druva’s continued global growth.