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Burgess and Niple Slashes Costs and Boosts Efficiency with 100% SaaS Data Protection

Mike Taylor, Content Marketing Manager

Today’s macroeconomic conditions are forcing many IT departments to take a long hard look at their budgets. The global economy is potentially moving towards a recession with companies increasingly uncertain about supply chain disruptions that could hinder their ability to deploy hardware and software-based data protection — leaving critical data vulnerable to loss and cyber threats like ransomware.

As organizations consider how to save money and do more with less, they’re turning to cloud and SaaS for help. But for many IT leaders, comparing the cost of a new SaaS solution with traditional options already in place can be difficult. While they may suspect that SaaS will deliver significant savings, they often lack the tools to prove it.

The ballooning costs of traditional data protection

Data is increasingly sprawled over a variety of deployments and mediums, including data centerscloudsSaaS apps, and more. This presents both an inordinately high total cost of ownership (TCO) and increased security risks. Because each solution typically involves five to seven vendors, customers struggle to get visibility and predictability into their costs, as well as manage, update, and secure these environments. Even if an organization can rest assured its data is secure and available, there is no guarantee whatsoever that keeping it this way will be affordable or sustainable. 

As such, organizations need a goldilocks solution — the perfect fit between air-tight coverage across all workloads, simplicity in management and recoverability, and most importantly, affordability. But where to start? Well…

With SaaS, data protection doesn’t need to be tough… or expensive

At Druva, we understand that modern data protection is a journey — each organization has its own unique challenges, needs, and path to cyber resilience in this complicated age of data sprawl and ransomware. We believe 100% SaaS data protection and resiliency is the goldilocks solution organizations today so desperately seek. By leveraging the cloud and cutting out on-premises infrastructure, organizations receive a cloud platform to air-gap data from cyber threats with a complete view across all workloads — data center, SaaS apps, and more — from ONE simple console. 

The best part? 100% SaaS means there’s never any hardware or software to manage and updates happen with zero effort from the customer side. SaaS data protection does it all and enables TCO savings of up to 50% vs. competing solutions!

But don’t just take our word for it!

Leading engineering and architecture firm cuts storage costs 7x with Druva

Burgess and Niple (B&N) is a nationally-recognized engineering and architecture design firm in the United States. When Rod Dickerson accepted the role of Chief Technology Officer at B&N, he began looking to integrate technologies that would accelerate the team’s projects and support its increasingly flexible workforce — a tall order, as its IT team manages 25 remote offices, 100 VMware VMs, and 400 virtual desktops. 

Dickerson quickly realized B&N’s disaster recovery capabilities were dated, relying on tape-based backup systems, and leaving the team at risk for data loss, accidental deletion, ransomware, and other threats. He began searching for cloud-based solutions to reduce complexity and accelerate recovery in the event of a system failure. This search led to AWS Marketplace, a digital catalog to help decision-makers find, test, buy, and deploy the ideal solution. Dickerson chose to research several solutions, including Veeam and Datrium, before eventually choosing Druva.

When we saw Druva at work, it was an easy choice,” Dickerson said. “The Druva Data Resiliency Cloud is the ‘Goldilocks’ of backup solutions because it’s just the right fit for us. The cost is right, and we get a lot of functionality and value for the cost.”

Slashing costs and boosting efficiency with SaaS

With Druva successfully deployed across B&N’s many locations, Dickerson and team now have enhanced insight into more than 180 TB of backup data from an easy-to-use console. Secure and actionable, the IT team enjoys much greater efficiencies and is able to automate many of its previously time-consuming processes, like disaster recovery testing. 

Plus, Dickerson is able to rest easy knowing all data is kept secure from cyber threats — “One thing I like about Druva is the immutable nature of the backups. It’s completely protected and isolated from our existing environment. So we’re protected against ransomware, file deletion, and corruption. I appreciate Druva’s vision for the technology, and the seamless execution of the solution,” he added.

And the whole team is reaping the benefits — following deployment, Druva has saved B&N IT 50% on time to manage and restore from backups, as well as helped the team achieve deduplication savings of 7x on its storage. 

What’s next?

Read the Burgess and Niple case study to learn more about how the team leverages Druva to keep its 180 TB of critical data secure, actionable, and always available.