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Unified cloud disaster recovery for VMware and AWS workloads
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Legacy disaster recovery solutions delay business continuity

With the growth of cloud-based services, businesses need to ensure that mission-critical applications that power their businesses are always available. Any loss of service has a direct impact on the bottom line, which makes business-continuity planning a critical element to any organization. However, the cost and complexity of legacy disaster recovery (DR) solutions have kept many organizations from deploying business continuity solutions to anything but a small subset of business applications, if at all. Modern DR solutions leverage the cloud to help reduce the cost of disaster recovery. However, simply retrofitting an on-premises disaster recovery solution to leverage the cloud does not reduce the cost or the complexity of managing on-premises hardware-based solutions.

Reduce costs and complexity of cloud disaster recovery

Druva’s cloud disaster recovery solution allows organizations to increase resilience, reduce costs, and complexity. With Druva, you can easily meet compliance requirements with our simple and reliable failover of both VMware and AWS Cloud workloads.

Cloud disaster recovery on AWS

Cloud-based disaster recovery benefits

The Druva Cloud Platform provides a unified backup and cloud disaster recovery solution with no need to manage hardware, software, or costs and complexity.  Automate DR processes, and ensure teams are prepared for any potential disasters while meeting compliance and auditing requirements.

Unified cloud disaster recovery for VMware and AWS workloads

Automated and orchestrated failover using runbooks, environment cloning, and unlimited testing to drive higher reliability.

Simplified business continuity by design

Single-click, DR that can be deployed in minutes for data center and AWS cloud workloads.

Best-in-class certifications for security & privacy

Ensure data security and isolation by copying environments to different accounts or regions.

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How does cloud disaster recovery work?

Innovate your cloud backup and disaster recovery strategy

Industry experts like GigaOm, Forbes, and 451 Research are recommending SaaS-based solutions vs. relying on legacy backup solutions. Watch this video and see how you can start innovating your cloud backup and disaster recovery plan.

How is Druva’s cloud disaster recovery different?

Druva removes the stress and complexity of disaster recovery with cloud-native, scalable, unified data protection and automated cloud DR.

No hardware, no software

  • Eliminate the need for software, hardware, and managed services
  • Deploy without infrastructure and scale on-demand
  • Zero maintenance or upgrades required
  • Cloud DR delivered as-a-service and built on AWS

Data privacy, residency, and compliance

  • You’re always in control of your data, and it’s always secure
  • Store data in 14+ AWS regions to meet data residency requirements
  • Mitigate the risk of data loss with an air-gapped DR solution
  • Reduce risk to brand reputation from any disaster scenario

Trusted cloud security model

  • Air gapped DR by design; isolated from your primary production system
  • Authentication, multi-layered access controls, role-based access control
  • Built and operated on AWS, the world’s most and secure infrastructure
  • Best-in-class security & privacy certifications (SOC-2, FedRamp, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, FIPS)

Unified customer experience

  • Similar experience across workloads (AWS, VMware)
  • Centralized visibility; single management interface for all of our services
  • Excellent support — global support team is available 24×7

Maximize the value of your data

  • Eliminate the cost of maintaining business continuity across workloads
  • Simplify adherence to industry or regulatory standards 
  • Automation/orchestration of processes reduces the risk for human error

Cloud expertise

  • 150+ petabytes of data under management in the cloud
  • 100% cloud-native solution that leverages available AWS technologies 
  • Reduce risk from moving parts (network, security, people, process)

Get tips on cloud backup and DR planning

Druva DRaaS simply copies the VM snapshots to our AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) bucket. When we need to failover, those synced snapshots in AWS S3 are then used to spin up AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances of our production VMs.

Marc Almodovar, Network & Systems Engineering Manager,
Katz Media Group


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