How Druva Delivers Simplified Onboarding for Microsoft 365

Darshana Bhangare, Principal Information Developer

Businesses everywhere are grappling with the challenges of moving to the cloud. It’s important to remember that software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform providers such as Microsoft 365 assume the responsibility for both application uptime and critical infrastructure. However, the customer retains the responsibility to manage and protect their essential business data. 

Why Is M365 Backup Important?

As more businesses deploy Microsoft productivity applications online, IT teams must reimagine their data management and protection strategies. Although Microsoft 365 includes both native and add-on data protection solutions, most fail to deliver the enterprise-grade capabilities organizations now require to meet their goals — particularly granular recovery, short- and long-term data retention compliance requirements — as well as protection against human error, ransomware, and other threats.

A third-party M365 backup and recovery solution helps mitigate damage and recover quickly from M365 data-loss events. Such solutions are needed because the native recovery capabilities in Microsoft 365 Exchange OnlineSharePoint OnlineOneDriveTeams, and Groups are severely limited. 

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IT needs an M365 backup and recovery solution that minimizes the expense and time required to manage inactive data and mailboxes put on hold for litigation, mergers and acquisitions, and employee turnover.

Do I Need to Back Up Microsoft 365?

Yes, you need to back up your M365 environment. After all, if you lost access to all the data in the business applications that your users routinely use — Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, and Outlook emails, among others — you’d lose, at the very least, a tremendous amount of employee productivity. Worst-case scenario, your business could cease to function. Therefore, backing up your entire M365 environment is critical.

Druva provides a comprehensive Microsoft 365 backup solution that helps prevent M365 data loss with a secure, scalable, and cost-effective, 100% SaaS-based platform. Our solution has a long history of helping customers with their data protection needs for M365. 

Druva Delivers Accelerated M365 Onboarding

Recently, in order to further improve customer experience, we reduced and simplified the steps required to configure Microsoft 365 apps for data protection. Customers can onboard assets quickly and without the usual configuration nightmares. 

Our new configuration wizard enables you to protect your Microsoft 365 data seamlessly, from tenant authorization to backup configuration. This feature helps to provide faster, easier, and more efficient onboarding. 

The new wizard has the following settings configured by default.

  • KMS is enabled
  • Azure AD user deployment method is selected
  • SaaS Apps are enabled in the default profile

Additionally, it offers you the flexibility to change these settings later. We created a quick preview of the new onboarding experience. Please refer to this video:

Want to Learn More?

Druva customers leverage our comprehensive M365 data protection capabilities to fill gaps in native protection, accelerate data recovery, and cut costs up to 50%. Recently, Alector cut the time to manage its SaaS apps by 25% over its previous vendor. Learn more in the customer story.

Take an in-depth tour of Druva’s M365 solution — see the platform for yourself and get a sneak peek at how we bring the power of the cloud to protecting your critical SaaS app data.