Enhanced Cyber Resilience with Druva and AWS strategic collaboration

Robert Brower, Sr. Vice President, Worldwide Partners and Alliances

Businesses today face an uphill battle in regard to IT and data management. These include increasingly expensive, siloed and sprawling data, logistical challenges brought about by the remote workforce, cyber threats like ransomware on the rise, and the consistent need to remain compliant with new regulations like GDPR and CCPA. As a result, companies are turning to third-party cloud-based solutions to handle these challenges for them.

SaaS-based data protection and resiliency solutions, including Druva, provide the answers to today’s IT questions, taking hardware, software, and complexity out of the equation by harnessing the power of the cloud for data availability and governance. As a result, companies reduce risks, effort, and the cost of managing data. Druva is an industry leader in this space, and offers a single unified solution for backup, availability, protection, and recovery, dramatically reducing the effort to manage multiple workloads, eliminating risks, and significantly lowering TCO. Thousands of customers choose Druva for its best-in-class data resiliency, performing more than 2.5 billion backups per year, and securely storing hundreds of petabytes of data within the platform.

Druva’s proven platform is built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and acts like a distributed file system providing a central store of data accessed by applications with a common architecture, user interface, and security model. By utilizing the flexibility and power of AWS, Druva achieves unprecedented performance and capacity on a global scale — with Amazon S3 and Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive to store and archive data in encrypted form, as well as Amazon DynamoDB for source-side global data deduplication to minimize bandwidth and storage needs. 

Druva’s strategic relationship with AWS is key to its continued success. The company is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner and AWS Marketplace Seller with an AWS Qualified Software offering for AWS GovCloud (US) and AWS PrivateLink; holds Storage, Government, and Digital Workplace Competencies; is a Public Sector Partner — and now, Druva announced it will be expanding its relationship and entering into a multi-year Strategic Collaboration Agreement (SCA) with AWS.

Druva-AWS agreement to enhance data resiliency as enterprise cloud adoption accelerates

Building on the existing relationship between Druva and AWS, the new agreement underscores both companies’ commitment to delivering a 100% SaaS solution to meet customer needs and supporting enterprises during critical phases of migration to the cloud, including support for the movement of data from traditional on-premises solutions.

Hybrid and multi-cloud deployments don’t have to be challenging. By expanding on the unique advantages of AWS infrastructure, The Druva Data Resiliency Cloud simplifies solution deployment and delivers continuous, automatic platform enhancements to improve data management and accelerate time to value. 

In a statement about the new strategic agreement, Druva CEO Jaspreet Singh said: “The speed of innovation and scale in the cloud cannot be matched by solutions that put hardware at their foundation. We have enjoyed a strong relationship with AWS over the last eight years and through this expanded agreement look forward to bringing more innovations to market to support accelerating cloud migrations and expanding cloud deployments. We have always been confident the future is cloud and are incredibly excited to continue our work as we help organizations realize the power of a cloud-first approach to data resiliency.” 

We at Druva are very excited about this new opportunity to expand our partnership with AWS and continue to deliver innovative, industry-leading data resiliency to our thousands of satisfied customers. Read the press release and visit the AWS partner page of the Druva website to learn more.