Druva & Amazon Web Services

Harness the
power of AWS

Single solution to protect end points, data centers and cloud workloads. Built on AWS high performance infrastructure

Bill Vass, VP of Technology at AWS and Stephen Manley, CTO of Druva discuss how Druva and AWS innovate together to bring our customers a strong data protection solution based on AWS best practices, incorporating the latest technologies from AWS.

Sabina Joseph of AWS and Timm Hoyt of Druva discuss how AWS and Druva work together to enhance data protection and management for companies like GameStop and Allergan.

Go beyond legacy
Cloud backup
Single solution that goes beyond cloud backup to include federated search, audit trails, legal hold management and compliance monitoring
Cloud disaster recovery
Recovery in minutes with one-click, cloud-native disaster recovery for on premises and cloud workloads.
Protect AWS workloads
Simplify data protection for AWS infrastructure and databases with automated disaster recovery that minimizes complexity and reduces scripts and code.

Access AWS power through Druva

Integrated console simplifies global management SaaS platform frees up capex and time

Self-Service Data Protection

  • Single pane access and management of global data
  • Dynamic resources monitoring keep IT informed of all activities
  • Easy to operate without special training


  • Single solution to protect and recover worldwide office locations
  • Unified security strategy across all AWS regions
  • Distributed cloud storage ensures alignment with data residency policies

Cost Efficient

  • Retain data longer without capex investment
  • Storage consumption reduced with source deduplication
  • Automated backup routines validate & test disaster recovery processes

Proven Customer Success


Cloud-native Security

Eliminates engineering time spent supporting backup and archival

Worked as Promised

Direct to cloud backup eliminates on-premise storage

Reduced backup data by 50%

Saved 30 man-hours per month for management; data backed up slashed by 50% 
Available through AWS Marketplace

Customer Obsessed Protection

Read how Druva and AWS deliver radically different data protection

Hybrid Cloud Data Protection

AWS, Druva and VMware discuss how to create and protect hybrid clouds

Backup and Recovery on AWS

Overview of Druva Cloud Platform and the benefits of backup & recovery on AWS

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