Druva’s new infographic: Exploring trends in ransomware

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In the past few years, ransomware has emerged as a preeminent threat to any organization with a significant online presence. It’s become such a widespread problem, in fact, that nearly 800,000 complaints were made about suspected internet crime in 2020 — an increase of nearly 40% year-over-year. 

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While increasingly diverse and manipulative types of ransomware and other malware threats are on the rise, cloud data protection serves as a strategic defense mechanism for data and applications that are particularly vulnerable, including endpointscloud workloads, and SaaS applications such as Microsoft 365

In a recent study, Aberdeen Group concluded that effective cloud backup and restore offers the potential to reduce ransomware’s overall impact on an organization by more than 90%.¹ This is particularly important, as only 13% of companies experiencing an attack/breach reported not paying a ransom.

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For those such as Colonial Pipeline or Kaseya, who were not lucky enough to have an effective data protection solution available to safeguard their data, the effects of ransomware were truly devastating — costing the companies millions. This is consistent with industry trends as well, as the average ransom paid in 2020 rose to nearly a quarter of a million dollars.

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Don’t let ransomware hold your data hostage

At Druva, we understand that today’s organizations require a proven data protection strategy and an experienced cloud vendor to deliver cyber resilience and business continuity expertise. While no backup vendor can eliminate the risk of an attack, Druva guarantees that with its 100% SaaS-based solution, you can significantly increase response and recovery speed. 

Druva’s comprehensive cloud data protection empowers teams to protect, detect, respond, and recover faster in the face of any external or internal attack. This gives your organization the tools it needs to minimize cost and complexity, while increasing its cyber resilience.

Explore today’s ransomware industry trends further, and discover what Druva’s enterprise cyber resilience solution can do for you — download our new infographic.


¹Aberdeen, “Reducing impact of ransomware attacks via cloud-based approaches,” Derek E. Brink, March 2019.