SaaS Data Protection + Backup Service | Druva + Dell

Robert Brower, Sr. Vice President, Worldwide Partners and Alliances

The last 14 months have shifted the landscape of IT enormously. The ongoing global pandemic and social distancing effectively shifted many workforces outside the firewall and into homes. New working conditions gave rise to entirely new ways of doing business — with generally positive results, given the urgency of the rapid acceleration to an “all digital” workforce. CTOs, CISOs, and IT workers did what seemed impossible, advancing digitization in two months that would have otherwise taken two years. 

This lift and shift surged the further decentralization of data and application assets from traditional data centers to hyperscalers and as-a-Service platforms. Business progressed in the face of these rapid changes, however — as the saying goes — it was “fast, cheap, safe — pick any two.” The sprawl of workers, inherent increases in malware threats, and spread of the attack surface of these workers have become a risk that all IT personnel are actively confronting. And with some workers potentially never returning to the office (with commercial property consolidation, inclusive of data centers), this is creating pressures entirely new to the current generation of IT leaders and workers. 

A growing remote workforce and continued spread of data is already placing enormous challenges on IT. The threat of ransomware keeps going up, adding even more pressure to do more with fewer resources. Traditional ways of managing and protecting data are no longer adequate in a post-pandemic world as data centers close and SaaS applications replace on-premises solutions, prompting a surge in cloud-bound and new cloud-native workloads. Modern problems require modern solutions, and IT experts are seeking to make the next evolution in their data protection strategy — cloud-native backup. 

The Dell EMC PowerProtect Backup Service

Dell Technologies is focused on protecting customers’ evolving environments through its Dell EMC PowerProtect portfolio. To meet increasing customer needs to provide a cloud based data protection solution, Dell Technologies is collaborating with Druva, the leader in cloud data protection.

Dell Technologies is delivering the new Dell EMC PowerProtect Backup Service with SaaS and cloud protection capabilities powered by Druva to help customers reduce IT cost and complexity and protect data wherever it lives.

Dell Technologies customers can now address their SaaS application data protection gaps with the Dell EMC PowerProtect Backup Service for SaaS apps, or take full advantage of the service to additionally protect endpoints, and hybrid workloads, such as virtual environments, file systems, NAS stores, and databases. 

“Our customers are increasingly seeking out SaaS and endpoint data protection solutions,” said Michael Stempf, Data Protection & Information Management Practice Owner, Sirius. “Dell EMC PowerProtect Backup Service is a strong offering that will provide our Dell customers with a simple, easy way to ensure these critical workloads are always protected.”

Through collaboration with partners such as Sirius, customers are now provided  the flexibility and choice to consume workloads across multi-cloud environments without compromising their most valuable asset — their data. 

Empowering confident enterprise data management

Dell EMC PowerProtect Backup Service deploys in minutes and provides unlimited scale to ensure customer data remains safe and secure, no matter its size. With Druva’s underlying cloud infrastructure, customers have centralized visibility and management of SaaS apps, endpoints, and hybrid workloads in a single console, giving them peace of mind that their data is always protected and compliant with today’s strict governance requirements such as GDPR or CCPA

In addition, Dell Technologies customers will be able to benefit from:

  • A subscription-based service with a predictable cost model 
  • Increased cost savings with global deduplication and automated cloud storage tiering
  • Data isolation by design, and a layered security model with multi-factor authentication, identity, and RBAC, plus unique data encryption at rest and in transit
  • Automated data protection with no-touch SaaS-based software updates and streamlined backups across all workloads

With the new Dell EMC PowerProtect Backup Service, Dell Technologies customers can leave behind the cost and complexity found in solutions that aren’t built for the cloud. Save time and money by leveraging a data protection solution that’s secure, scalable, and always available.

Learn more about this joint solution here.