Cloud-based ransomware protection

Inclusive ransomware protection software automatically guards all users

Ransomware protection

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Complete ransomware protection solution

Cloud backup protects 100% of your user base, including remote teams.

Proactive anomaly detection that keeps you informed

Continuous monitoring for anomalies with automated alerts for modified or deleted files, MIME type changes and file encryptions.

Data is never lost and always accessible

Federated search and audit trails simplify identifying infected files. File level restores ensures immediate access to data from anywhere.

Ransomware protection and recovery

  • Ransomware protection for endpoints, SaaS applications and data center workloads
  • Automated monitoring for unusual data activity triggers immediate notifications in the event of a ransomware attack
  • Restore all, or individual, uninfected files, to return machines and servers to any point in time prior to the ransomware attack

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