Only Druva Delivers a Complete Solution For Data Protection

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Druva helps achieve

Complete Data Protection

Complete Data Protection

Safeguard the data on your endpoints, cloud applications and servers

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly Detection

Continuously monitor for anomalies to trigger ransomware alerts

Immediate Recovery

Immediate Recovery

Press rewind and get your files back in minutes from the last clean snapshot

Protect and Recover from Ransomware

  • Data protection for endpoints, cloud applications (Office 365, Box, G Suite, and Salesforce) and servers—optimal for ransomware protection
  • Anomaly detection for unusual data activity triggers immediate notifications in the event of a ransomware attack
  • High performance, efficient backups with granular controls and scheduling—no disruption to end-users or servers
  • Restoration of all, or individual, uninfected files, to return machines and servers to any point in time prior to the ransomware attack

Insider’s Guide to Minimizing the Impact of Ransomware

Global damage costs from ransomware is estimated to be more than $8B in 2018 and up to $11.5B in 2019.

Learn why ransomware is on the rise and what actionable steps you can take to keep your organization safe.

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Next Steps

Checklist: You’ve Got Ransomware. Now What?

Are you ready for a ransomware attack? Being prepared will have a huge impact on how effectively your company can recover. Get actionable steps for before and after an attack to keep your organization safe.

Taking a Proactive Approach to Combat Ransomware

Benefit from our panel of industry experts as they provide insights into how to confidently prepare your organization to combat ransomware threats, via this on demand webinar.

“Druva saved us an unbelievable amount of heartache trying to replace lost files after my hard drive was infected by crypto ransomware. Thanks to my IT team and Druva for the quick and efficient rescue.”

– Manager at U.S. Manufacturing company and inSync user