OCTOBER 5 – 7, 2021

Protect and manage your multi-cloud journey
at scale

Accelerate your multi-cloud journey at scale with a radically simple, flexible and secure cloud data protection platform

Multi-cloud operations give your business agility & speed, but protecting data and virtual machines across cloud, on-premises, virtual machines and edge environments with multiple tools and storage platforms can escalate costs, create security challenges and slow the pace of business innovation. Druva’s cloud-native data protection platform delivers the scale, security, and ease-of-use required for modern data resiliency with added data management benefits such as cloud disaster recovery, advanced ransomware recovery, e-discovery, and AI/ML-powered data insights.

Multi-cloud data protection simplified

Make your data more resilient wherever it lives with the industry’s only integrated cloud backup and disaster recovery SaaS platform. Druva’s unique cloud-native architecture delivers radical simplicity, on-demand scale, and dramatic cost efficiencies.

Zero-trust security for ransomware

Get the operational and data security you need for multi-cloud protection with the Druva SaaS Platform. With multi-factor authentication, envelope encryption, and off-site, “air-gapped” backups neither ransomware nor compromised credentials can encrypt or permanently delete your backup data.

1-click cloud disaster recovery

Make cloud DR simple, secure and fast with the only SaaS data protection platform certified for AWS PrivateLink. Runbook orchestration, preflight-checks and failover/failback provide the automation and flexibility needed for success. Meet RTOs of minutes with zero infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of replication solutions.

Certifications increase confidence

Breakout session

Solve 3 key multi-cloud IT challenges: security, cost, and data protection

Session ID:

Stephen Manley
CTO, Druva

Session overview:
Every organization is adopting a multi-cloud vision… and struggling to translate it into reality. Which workloads should run in which cloud? When should you lift-and-shift, containerize, or make cloud-native applications? How do you make sure the environments are protected, compliant, and secure? Druva works with thousands of multi-cloud customers, and we ourselves run one of the largest containerized, cloud-native applications in the world. We’ll talk about real world best practices for running an efficient, secure, and trusted multi-cloud environment.

At this session you will learn:

  • Real world use cases for private cloud, VMware Cloud, and public cloud
  • Challenges and best practices for running global containerized applications
  • Key data protection, disaster recovery, and security principles for multi-cloud environments

Find out how Druva and VMware offer joint solutions

Druva and VMware

Cloud Economics 101 with VMware and Druva

Craig Stanley, Lead Cloud Economist at VMware joins W. Curtis Preston, Chief Technical Evangelist at Druva to discuss the economic impacts of cloud and how to make a business case to executives about cloud economics.


Product demos

Druva Cloud Platform overview

A quick tour of the Druva SaaS platform - enterprise cloud backup for data centers, cloud applications and endpoints.


Cloud based DR for VMware in minutes

Simplify cloud-based DR of VMs on-premises or on AWS with orchestrated and automated failover and failback

Enterprise cloud backup for vSphere and VMware Cloud on AWS

See how to deploy automated and scalable vSphere data protection in minutes with no hardware or software.

Improve your cyber resilience with Druva ransomware recovery

Build your data recovery and business continuity plan confidently with a multi-layered defense powered by cloud data protection


Spotlight Sessions

Watch and learn about the benefits of moving both applications and data protection to the cloud with VMware and Druva. Our enterprise cloud backup and recovery solution unifies data protection across endpoints, data centers and SaaS applications.

Deploy Druva in < 15 minutes
with no hardware, software or training required.

VMware data protection

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Data center backup and recovery





Learn more about Druva

Druva and VMware

Next-gen data protection from VMware

Druva Cloud Platform

What it means to be VMware Cloud Ready

Druva Announces Instant Restore for VMware

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup and Recovery


Leave your legacy data protection behind with Druva

VMware data protection best practices -- back to backup basics


VMware data protection best practices -- how to leverage the cloud



Best practices for remote office backup and protection

Modernizing software applications with containerization


Key principles of an effective cloud backup service


Virtual product demo

Cloud backup and recovery

Wednesdays at 9 am PST | 12 pm EST

In a 30 minute session, experience Druva’s award-winning cloud data protection platform first hand.