Life At Druva

Why I joined Druva: A company on a mission

Thomas Been, CMO

What a wild ride it’s been since joining Druva at the beginning of June. In just a few weeks, we’ve announced a number of important milestones for the company including a round of funding of $130M and a new partner program, both showing the interest of investors in our market and our mission.  We are lucky enough to work with industry leaders, and recently announced Bill Losch, CFO of Okta, joined our board. On top of all of that, the team introduced our new brand and website to the world, a significant accomplishment on its own by my team, let alone in combination with everything else above. With so much going on, it could be easy to forget that I’ve only been here a few weeks, and what got me to Druva in the first place.

Why Druva? 

When I initially heard of Druva, the first word that came to mind was contrast. I have never heard the words backup, data protection, and SaaS all in the same sentence. How does an industry with technological roots well planted in the ‘80s fit with a cloud-native architecture?  From a technical standpoint, a cloud platform makes sense, but what about economically? On-premises hardware comes with constant investments in upgrade or maintenance for capacity that may never be used vs. crystal clear consumption-based model and decreasing costs over time in the cloud. Then I read the news: digital transformation driving a 100% growth of data every two years, companies are fined for lack of compliance with regulations such as GDPR, daily ransomware attacks, and more.

A change is needed. Now.

Only Druva makes this possible, providing a cloud-native data protection platform that provides an elegant answer to an existential challenge for businesses: data protection and management. I do not use the word “elegant” lightly. In addition to a much lower TCO, Druva’s Cloud Platform provides an incredibly easy to use experience, eradicating infrastructure, and complexity. It also allows businesses to yield the full value from data making it easily accessible in one place for discovery, compliance, and analytics.

The Druva difference

In addition to what Druva does, I was also impressed by how Druva operates. Three elements resonated with me:

  • Our mission: beyond the technology, the whole company, and our many partners like AWS align behind our ambitious goal to provide data protection for the cloud era. Every business needs to protect and manage its data, and we have built a global setup, from marketing to customer success, to protect businesses of any size.
  • Our customers: Druva has more than 4,000 customers worldwide, including leading brands. Chances are we might already be protecting some of your data. Some customers come to us during intense periods of crisis, yet in a matter of weeks, they can restore the confidence that their data is fully protected. Other customers never go through these crises and invest the money saved over legacy solutions into driving value with data. The voice of the customer is one of the essential elements of my job, and we’re already working on celebrating our customers’ achievements.
  • Our people and our values: the value of people and their dedication is often overlooked when talking about  SaaS businesses. These companies operate at a fast pace, and they’re always in connection with customers. It’s the people as much as the systems that drive this velocity. Druva is, for sure, an intense place, and I’ve been fortunate to learn a lot in a short time. Druva is also an environment that cares and fosters diversity, which is an absolute requirement for me. I believe that the addition of different perspectives drive the best decisions, strategies, and designs.

I am incredibly excited. The Druva marketing team and I are already hard at work. Just this week, from meetings with AWS to working sessions with Marketo, Leadspace, and Leandata, we’ve have a lot going on. We’re going fast and we’re growing fast.

Cloud journeys and digital transformation will not happen if data is not adequately protected and managed. It’s time for data protection for the cloud era. We are, literally, a company on a mission.

If you are interested in learning more about our leadership team or joining the Druva team, visit our careers page.