Biggest Updates and New Key Features for Druva’s Nutanix AHV Support

Jude Daniel, Sr. Product Manager

Druva Data Resiliency Cloud can protect Nutanix workloads wherever they run without additional hardware or software. Druva secures data offsite, offers infinite scale, and provides a simple consumption-based pricing model that enables customers to reduce costs and complexity, increase cyber resilience, and maintain compliance

Great news for customers who protect their Nutanix AHV data with Druva, we have released multiple new features since we announced support for Nutanix AHV last year.

Nutanix AHV diagram

Let’s take a look at some of the bigger impact features:

Security / Cyber Resiliency enhancements

Rollback Actions

Rollback actions for malicious and accidental deletes. To enhance the data security posture and to safeguard backup data from deletions triggered by rogue administrators, ransomware attacks, or operational incidents, you can configure the Rollback Actions. With Rollback Actions, you can roll back deleted entities within a configurable rollback window for all workloads including Nutanix AHV. 

Data Lock

Ransomware attacks are increasing at an exponential rate. Backup environments are popular targets for ransomware attacks. There can be various reasons why backup copies can be modified or deleted. When it comes to protecting your data in the event of a ransomware attack, snapshots are critical components of your organization’s business strategy and data recovery plan. 

Organizations can enable Data Lock to prevent modification, deletion, or tampering of business-critical data and make it immutable. Immutability has gained widespread attention with rising ransomware attacks that put enterprise data and business continuity at huge risk.

Reducing overall costs

Long-Term Retention

Address your compliance needs by protecting data for the long term with Druva. Druva reduces your overall data protection cost by tiering long-term retention data to a cheaper storage tier for Nutanix AHV workloads as well. 

With Druva LTR:

  • Reduce your overall data protection cost by up to 20%.

  • Protect data for the long term to address legal and compliance needs.

  • Meet your RTO SLAs with the latest backups.


File-Level Restore

Apart from restoring entire virtual machine images using Druva, an administrator can restore a file from a virtual machine snapshot using the file-level restore (FLR) functionality. With file-level restore, there is no need for the administrator to perform the time and resource-consuming task of restoring an entire virtual machine or a virtual disk if a few files are needed.

CloudCache Support

Meet stricter RTO/RPOs in limited bandwidth sites with Druva’s CloudCache for your AHV workloads. CloudCache is a virtual appliance sitting in your on-premise environment and acting as secondary storage. This ensures that you get LAN speed backup and restore even if the WAN pipe is bottlenecked. 

Proxy Pooling and Load Balancing

Segregate your virtual machines in different backup proxy pools by creating new pools for differing geographic regions and mapping virtual machines to each. You can also edit and delete your backup proxy pools. Backup proxy pools eliminate the need to manually map the virtual machines to an individual backup proxy. 

In addition, all successfully registered backup proxies, irrespective of which prism it has been registered to, are displayed in a common page under Protect > Nutanix AHV on the Management Console.

User Experience

First Proxy Deployer Tool

You can deploy your Nutanix backup proxy using the common agent user interface. This user interface provides intuitive workflows where you can add the Prism details, network details, and activation token required to deploy and activate the Nutanix AHV backup proxy. With this enhancement, you no longer need to use multiple interfaces and CLI for activating and configuring a proxy. 

Next steps

Druva gives you a single pane of glass through which you can view the backup status and manage the data protection of your environment distributed across remote sites in multiple geographies.

To learn more about how Druva supports Nutanix AHV, watch the demo or visit our Nutanix workload page.

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