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Q&A: What is Wipro LiVE Workspace?

Garrick Lee

This is the third of a four-part blog series about how Druva and Wipro partnered to enable enterprise-level data protection, governance, and compliance on Apple and other endpoint devices running Wipro LiVE Workspace(™). The solution addresses some of the key CIO challenges discussed in our previous blog, “Top CIO Challenges in the Mobile Workforce.

To enable enterprise-level service integration and management (SIAM) that is free from service silos and provides clear visibility into service performance at optimal costs, Wipro has an end-to-end collaborative work environment, called LiVE Workspace, to which the Wipro and Druva partnership has added features.

Let’s continue the conversation and hear perspectives from Wipro’s Michael Vollmer, General Manager, Apple Practice. In this Q&A, he discusses key benefits of the Wipro LiVE Workspace solution.

Q: What’s your elevator pitch for LiVE Workspace?

A: LiVE Workspace is a collaborative environment that lets users easily and securely access their business applications and data.

Q: How comprehensive are its capabilities?

A: It’s an end-to-end solution for enterprise endpoint devices, from procuring the device to managing it, all the way through the support process. I think one of the biggest advantages is how it gives users a consistent experience through all these different phases.

Q: What devices does it support?

A: It’s device agnostic—it works on phones, tablets, and laptops. In fact, we’ve made it so enterprises can order Apple devices and distribute them directly to employees with zero-touch deployment. Everything is configured over the air. IT is hardly involved at all, which helps drive operational efficiency and cost reduction. What this really means is that people are up-and-running with the device they want to use in no time. They’re working instead of waiting.

Q: What’s in it for employees?

A: With LiVE Workspace, we’ve always tried to enable choice and let employees get the say on what tool makes them most productive. Now, they can choose their device and we can support it no matter what.

Q: Any other special features?

A: We’ve done a lot of work with predictive and prescriptive analytics. In other words, we can take data and proactively identify app and infrastructure issues and then actually resolve them, all behind the scenes. End users aren’t interrupted, which has a huge effect on productivity.

Now that we’ve been working with Druva, a huge feature is how we can always maintain compliance with all the regulations IT has to keep up with.

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