Druva inSync

Achieve 360° Protection & Governance For End User Data

40% of Enterprise data is now beyond data center – on endpoints, and in cloud applications. Druva inSync leads the way in data availability and information governance across all user data — enabling businesses to recover information quickly, manage it for eDiscovery and gain insights they never had before.

inSync Use Cases

Under the Hood

Source-side Global Deduplication

Druva’s patented global deduplication offers class-leading efficiency and shrinks bandwidth usage by 80% —supercharging transfers.

Customer Access Only Security

Druva combines an advanced data-scrambling algorithm and a unique encryption model to guarantee your data is accessible only by your company.

AWS and Azure Infrastructure

Druva harnesses the native efficiencies and global reach of industry-leading cloud providers, offering unmatched storage flexibility, data durability and security.

Fully Certified Cloud

AWS and Azure data centers include the following certifications: SOC1, SOC2, SOC3, ISAE-3402, PCI-DSS Level 1 and ISO 27001.

One Data Set, Multiple Uses

A scale-out architecture with distinct metadata / data separation unlocks the value of data for multiple workflows by leveraging the same underlying data set.

Onsite Caching

Optional caching provides high-performance data handling with scheduled cloud synchronization, making data quickly available for rapid recovery.

IDC - Control Business Data Risks through End User Data Protection and Governance

Control Business Data Risks through End User Data Protection and Governance

IDC reviews the strengths of Druva inSync’s continually expanding offerings as an effective cloud-native information management solution that can simplify the complexity of managing and protecting business-critical end-user & cloud application data.

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Oliver Barner, IT Services Manager, Leica

“It’s very rare to have something in the IT portfolio which is loved by both the end user and IT but that’s the case with inSync.”

Oliver Barner, IT Services Manager