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Q&A: Top CIO Challenges in the Mobile Workforce

This is the second of a four-part blog series addressing the recent partnership between Druva and Wipro. Sharing a similar customer-first culture and vision for extending cloud applications, two of their leaders took part in a thought leadership Q&A around key trends in the mobile workforce. Check out the previous blog post, Why Druva and Wipro, to learn more.

Almost all C-level executives struggle to keep up with digital transformation, yet for CIOs, it’s even more intense. CIOs tend to be both the drivers and the implementers of new, digital ways of managing business data—the data that all enterprise operations depend on. And the challenges are not only technological—their IT workforces have also transformed significantly.

Recently, Druva and Wipro partnered to enable Druva inSync data protection, governance, and insight as part of a diverse portfolio of Wipro LiVE Workspace services. In this Q&A, Druva’s Timm Hoyt, Global VP, Partners and Alliances, and Wipro’s Michael Vollmer, General Manager,  Apple Practice, discuss some of the critical challenges that are top of mind for CIOs.

Q: How does security and data compliance impact today’s mobile workforce?

Michael Vollmer: I think the biggest issues for CIOs are concerns for data protection and compliance—with the number of threats growing and exposure increasing daily, how can they secure and protect enterprise data?

Timm Hoyt: I agree, and with more than 50 percent of enterprise data residing outside the traditional data center, who has access, where is it? How is it being protected? Cyberthreats are steadily increasing, and when IT organizations fail at this, the entire enterprise is at risk.

Q: How has the IT workforce changed, and how does that affect CIOs?

Michael Vollmer: Things have changed radically in the last few years, especially when you’re looking at the consumer experience. Employees want their enterprise apps to work the same way, with a great user experience that’s fast and that doesn’t get in the way.

Timm Hoyt: One of the ways that’s manifesting today is that employees want to work on their iPhones, their iPads, whatever is convenient for them personally. You can’t just issue everyone the same standardized laptop. Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) has been a huge challenge for IT groups for decades, but we’re finally able to securely enable it.

Q: What about shrinking IT budgets?

Timm Hoyt: This is an interesting thing. Doing more with less is always a goal, but one of the biggest casualties of smaller budgets is IT training. I think any solution provider has to accept that their app has to be relatively easy to implement and deploy. If tier-1 staff are the only ones who can work with it, it’s not going to succeed.

Michael Vollmer: Definitely, that’s why people demand more and more self-service features, like making it so an end-user can restore lost data instead of opening a ticket and waiting for IT to get involved.

Timm Hoyt: So in this case, the challenge the CIO is facing is actually finding a way to offload work from IT, finding solutions that will proactively resolve issues so IT staff can work on other things.

Q: Any last thoughts?

Timm Hoyt: Something we didn’t talk about was compliance, and that’s a considerable issue. CIOs have to make sure that virtually whatever anyone writes, records, or emails is on the record, accessible, and accessible quickly. The regulatory environment is merciless.

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