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Pieta Cuts Data Recovery from Hours to Minutes with Druva

Mike Taylor, Content Marketing Manager

Your IT team is generating and consuming more data than ever before. Often this data is spread across numerous SaaS apps, like SalesforceMicrosoft 365Google Workspace, and more. As your team evaluates its needs, you’ll need to locate data silos and be conscious of the limited native backup and retention capabilities offered by SaaS apps.

The next step? Consider a SaaS-based data protection solution that does more than meet base-level storage criteria; because SaaS apps require SaaS-based data protection.

Pieta: A SaaS-based Data Protection Success Story

Mental health services provider Pieta first opened its doors in Ireland in 2006; since then, it has helped over 100,000 people dealing with mental health crises. Its IT team is tasked with the management of critical and classified patient data, and balances infrastructure and backup needs with compliance requirements for GDPR and other regulations. Pieta’s team is spread nationwide with most working from home, further complicating data management and security. 

To simplify these initiatives, the team has taken a “cloud-first” approach to IT and migrated its infrastructure to the cloud over the past year and a half. As a part of this journey, IT introduced software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications like Microsoft 365 and Salesforce, and was initially dependent on those applications to help restore data if needed. However, Damian Menendez, IT Manager at Pieta, quickly realized it would take more than native backup and restore to meet the team’s needs.

“Salesforce had a very basic data recovery system that backs up once every two weeks,” Menendez said. “That’s no good to me because, if I need to restore something, that’s potentially two weeks’ worth of data lost. Additionally, Microsoft operates a shared responsibility model — it’s responsible for maintaining platform uptime while customers are responsible for the protection and long-term retention of Microsoft 365 data.” 

He began his search for the ideal cloud data protection vendor — one that would simplify backup and restore, as well as management, across all the team’s SaaS apps and boost its defense against threats like ransomware. His search led to the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud, which stood apart from vendors like Veeam and OwnBackup for its ease of use and centralized control pane. “Within a few minutes I was convinced Druva was exactly what I was looking for,” Menendez said.

One Quick Deployment Later and Restores are 98% Faster

Druva was deployed for Pieta’s Salesforce and Microsoft 365 data in a weekend, and all backups were fully running within five days.

Following the deployment, Pieta has a unified and transparent platform to view the status of all backup and restore projects across Microsoft 365, including Exchange, Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint, as well as the sensitive medical data of over 100,000 patients in Salesforce. 

In addition, Druva keeps any and all data recoverable 24×7 in case of accidental deletion or ransomware — and recovery is fast! IT found data recovery is 98.3% faster compared to its previous methods. This brings peace of mind Pieta could avoid downtime, lost data, and lost revenue in the event of a breach, and Menendez and the team feel more than prepared for the future of cyber threats.

What’s Next?

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