Next generation managed services, powered by Druva

Jesse Gambetti, Leader, Global MSP Partners

Businesses today face a challenging question, who do I trust to accelerate my cloud transformation? Consider the following challenges of IT in a post-pandemic world: 

  • How can I keep my business running safely and efficiently without having to worry about ballooning infrastructure needs and associated costs?
  • Given the ever-increasing risk associated with ransomware and the associated cost pressures of driving efficiency, how can I achieve best practices without being a best practitioner?

In 2021, more and more businesses are turning to managed services providers (MSPs) to help guide them through these next steps carefully, adopting new technologies rapidly, while keeping traditional workloads running efficiently. Druva offers the ideal solution, enabling the delivery of more resilient, less complex MSP services, and accelerating cloud transformation without the burden of infrastructure.

Druva transforms MSP cloud backup services

Druva is the clear leader in cloud data protection, with more experience, innovation, and expertise in protecting workloads born in cloud (Microsoft 365Salesforce, etc.), built in the cloud (Amazon EC2, Kubernetes, etc.), moving to the cloud for performance, protection, and efficiency from the data center (databases, applications, (NAS), or at the edge (devices). Thousands of customers entrust their data protection to Druva every day based on this history of expertise, execution, and proven cost savings. Now, Druva extends these capabilities to MSPs and their customers. 

A managed backup services product that thinks like you, and works for you 

Druva changes the way data protection for managed services is done — based on the following core principles:

  1. A zero-touch, fully-SaaS experience enabling MSPs to onboard new customers in 15 minutes or less, meet new workloads quickly and scale based on customer need — drastically improving time-to-revenue.
  2. Radical simplicity means there’s no hardware to maintain or support, less front-end design expenses, and an agile solution for customers.
  3. MSPs reduce complexity and manage service levels with customizable plans, allowing them to improve efficiency, avoid missing SLAs, and operate more strategically.
  4. Customer trust is a priority, and Druva meets the industry’s most stringent security and compliance requirements, including SSAE18 SOC2 Type II, FedRAMP, FIPS, HIPAA, GDPR, TRUST-E, and APPI.

Developed by a team with decades of experience building and running managed services catalogs, Druva “hits the mark” of modern data protection with scalability, simplicity, security, and extensibility. 

“Druva has improved our time to revenue by dramatically improving the onboarding process of new customers. The MSP portal has been a game changer for our business. Having a service-plan oriented catalog in the portal allows me to package different offerings to my clients, which is huge.” — Matt Bratlien, Managing Partner, Net-Tech

A program that supports and differentiates our partners

A great platform needs a great program to ensure the success of the services providers using it. Druva’s new program and Managed Services Center platform positions MSPs to effectively deliver industry-leading cloud data protection to their customers. It empowers partners to focus on delivering services and bringing value to their customers immediately, not running the backend. The purpose-built service center console brings partners the ability to manage unique service levels with customizable plans, gain detailed visibility into storage consumption across customer accounts, and review customer health in real-time.

As a fully SaaS-based platform, Druva offers MSPs exceptional advantages in terms of time-to-revenue and consumption-based pricing models. Druva improves margin performance immediately by eliminating the requirements to overprovision hardware, and infrastructure assets to support future business. This also eliminates supply chain issues in waiting for hardware to be installed (or replaced), as well as complex design sessions to determine forward pricing. 

Finally, Druva incentivizes its field to sell with our MSPs, rather than against them. Reducing field friction and focusing on the growth of your business is a key part of Druva’s go-to-market with our MSP program — and a clear differentiation from many programs in the market today.

We’re very excited about this new opportunity to partner with our managed services providers, please take a moment to read the press releaselearn more on the MSP Partner Program page, or sign up to be a partner.