ICYMI — Druva’s Multi-Cloud Virtual Summit 2022

Steven Duff, Product Marketing

This past week, Druva hosted its Multi-Cloud Data Resilience Virtual Summit, which focused on best practices and key steps today’s organizations can take to seamlessly protect their fragmented, disparate data with limitless scale. Companies must protect data that is spread across the data center,  business-critical SaaS applications, and a variety of other difficult-to-access silos. Attendees received new insights into boosting data security and resilience while delivering cost-efficiency and predictability.  

The event featured a world-class list of speakers from industry-leading analysts, including ESG’s Christophe Bertrand, and experts from partner organizations like AWS, and Nutanix, in addition to enterprise customers and Druva leaders.   

Industry Trends and State of the Market

The adoption of cloud infrastructure has generated a mass migration of business-critical data and applications to the cloud. As a result, downtime can be significant and damaging. Most organizations incorrectly believe that data protection comes with their SaaS apps like Microsoft 365 or Salesforce. However, data protection is the responsibility of the end-user, leaving it at risk for corruption or loss.

In his session, ESG Sr. Director Christophe Bertrand discussed the latest industry trends and the state of today’s complex multi-cloud market. Christophe takes a deep dive into the growth of mission-critical apps in the cloud and how viewers can leverage comprehensive cloud data protection to solve their organizations’ challenges – such as ransomware, accidental deletion, and more.

Bringing More Data Resilience to the Cloud: A Blueprint for Success

Druva welcomed Henry Axelrod, Principal Storage Solutions Architect at AWS, for an in-depth session on how the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) can help organizations create actionable blueprints for success.

In the session, Henry and Stephen Manley, CTO at Druva, outline the steps of the framework before describing a real-world use case. They go on to describe how AWS and Druva provide customers with an ideal solution to empower their cloud journey before breaking down the benefits of the leading, award-winning solution for cloud backup and data protection. Viewers gain insight into how AWS’s cloud framework can fill the gaps in their team’s cloud protection strategy.

Accelerating Digital Transformation Through Cloud

Digital transformation is often critical to executing a strategic vision. But how can a multi-cloud strategy enable your IT team to accelerate these initiatives without creating unnecessary risks?

In a fireside chat, two visionary product leaders, Anjan Srinivas, VP of Product at Druva, and Mark Nijmeijer, Sr. Director of Products at Nutanix, discussed top multi-cloud challenges and how organizations can overcome these to accelerate efficiencies, cost savings, and even competitive advantages through their own digital transformation.

The two break down the common barriers to multi-cloud success – including security and resilience issues, data silos, and costs, how to successfully address these challenges, and real-world use cases. 

Viewers of this session receive actionable insights, like how to map business-critical data, how to rank cloud initiatives by business impact, complexity, and risk, and finally, how to optimize IT services to get the most from multi-cloud.

Next Steps

Visit the Multi-Cloud Summit page of the Druva site to see the sessions, learn from industry experts, and engage with additional resources. Visit the multi-cloud page to discover how Druva can enable your organization to safeguard and easily manage data across multi-cloud environments with secure, infinitely scalable, 100% SaaS backup and disaster recovery. 

In addition, Druva has recently published the following multi-cloud resources. We invite you to have a look and supplement your learning from the summit: