Druva now supports Amazon RDS Custom for Oracle

Saurabh Kaushal, Principal Product Manager

What is AWS RDS Custom?

Amazon RDS custom allows your applications to have access to the database and underlying operating systems for customization. As administrators, you get better control over your database and operating system environment, all while reaping the benefits of a managed database service such as time-saving, durability, and scalability.

RDS Custom for Oracle

Amazon RDS Custom for Oracle is architected to host applications that are built to operate at a large scale and need high throughput, massive scalability, and highly available databases. It leverages a flexible pay-per-usage pricing model to fit the variable usage patterns of these applications.

Hundreds of thousands of AWS customers use the Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) because it automates undifferentiated administration tasks. However, there are some packaged applications that require customers to make specialized customizations to the underlying database and the operating system (OS). This gives customers the flexibility of backing up their Oracle RDS Custom DB by installing a third-party backup agent.

Protecting AWS RDS Custom for Oracle with Druva’s Hybrid Workloads

Breaking the misconception that cloud data and workloads don’t need to be backed up, the AWS shared responsibility model recommends implementing a backup strategy as part of security “in” the cloud.

With Druva for Oracle, organizations can securely protect their Oracle databases hosted on the on-premise physical and virtual infrastructure, as well as cloud infrastructure such as Amazon EC2, Azure VMs, Google Compute Engines, and so on. Our Direct to Cloud backup for Oracle has been extended to support the protection of AWS RDS Custom for Oracle.

The following diagram shows an overview of Druva’s Hybrid Workload protection solution for AWS RDS Custom for Oracle: 

Druva’s Hybrid Workload protection solution for AWS RDS Custom for Oracle

Please refer to the ‘Setting up Oracle database instance for Amazon RDS Custom’ document for more details.

You can also configure AWS PrivateLink for communication between your RDS Custom server and Druva Cloud. The following diagram shows an overview of Druva’s Hybrid Workload protection solution for AWS RDS Custom for Oracle with AWS PrivateLInk:

Druva’s Hybrid Workload protection solution for AWS RDS Custom for Oracle with AWS PrivateLInk

Refer to this document for setting up a PrivateLink.

Why Druva?

Support of Backup Over PrivateLink

Druva is the first SaaS data protection vendor to leverage AWS PrivateLink. This means communication between customer AWS accounts and Druva services now occurs through AWS PrivateLink, ensuring that network traffic always stays securely within the AWS network and traffic is never exposed to the public internet. 

Backing up your Oracle Database on AWS RDS Custom over PrivateLink makes it easy to connect services across different accounts and VPCs to significantly simplify your network architecture in addition to the following key benefits: 

  • Fast and secure data transfer over AWS prevents the use of public internet
  • Simplifies network configurations
  • Uses private IP addresses 

Restore Flexibility

Druva empowers customers by providing the flexibility of restoring backups of Oracle over AWS RDS Custom to original EC2 or anywhere else, be it within AWS in a different cloud account or other cloud or on-premise locations.

Next Steps

Looking to learn more about Druva’s proven cloud-native solution for Oracle backup? Read these FAQs and this detailed document for an in-depth guide from setting up and configuring, to real-world applications, and more. And download the DBA’s guide to Oracle data protection for a closer look at Druva’s proven solution.