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After a year of disruption, businesses have overwhelmingly made their way to the cloud due to its ideal capabilities to support a global digital workforce. With 2021 well underway, the cloud race is far from over with many projecting an increase in enterprise adoption in the near future. In fact, according to Forrester, the cloud market has become so lucrative that it is estimated to grow 35% to $120 billion in 2021¹. However, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve also noticed an unprecedented rise in cyber attacks have taken center stage as businesses struggle to keep their data fully protected. This has resulted in a greater need for data protection than ever before.

According to Druva’s Value of Data survey, the stakes of data protection have increased  in the era of COVID-19. 73% of IT decision makers are concerned about protecting their organizational data from threats like ransomware, and 57% believe that remote workers will increase the risk of exposing their firm to a data breach. On top of these increasing concerns, data regulations and compliance have become more intricate as states apply their own privacy frameworks, such as CCPA. The increasing complexity of today’s landscape has reinforced the need to optimize a data protection strategy that minimizes data risk, maintains compliance, and strengthens cyber resilience. 

A data protection platform that is comprehensive and secure

Druva is uniquely positioned to help businesses navigate the data risks and security challenges of the cloud era. Our approach to cloud data protection utilizes both an advanced algorithm and unique encryption model where the data and metadata are decoupled and encrypted. This guarantees that data is only accessible to customers, which is a critical component to meeting today’s evolving privacy regulations. To protect businesses against ransomware attacks, Druva’s platform provides a holistic, multi-level security response strategy, which incorporates extensive prevention measures to account for threats and empowers strong resilience to minimize downtime during a ransomware attack. Druva also supports AWS GovCloud regions for backup and recovery, which ensures AWS workloads from government agencies are protected and can be easily restored.  

Keep your data secure with completely autonomous enterprise data resiliency, while making it globally accessible on Amazon’s infinitely-scalable infrastructure. Druva’s cloud-native approach increases the availability and visibility of critical information, while reducing the risk, cost, and complexity of data management and protection. 

Recognized for excellence on this year’s CRN Security List

As one of the most tested, comprehensive, and secure data protection platforms available today, Druva has been named in CRN’s annual Security 100 in the Identity Management and Data Protection category for the fourth consecutive year. This year’s Security 100 recognizes solutions that bring a combination of channel focus, cutting-edge technology, and outstanding partner benefits.

Today’s recognition from CRN marks another milestone in a growing list of awards Druva has received over the last several months. In January 2021, Druva was recognized as a Cyber Catalyst designated solution, which highlights cybersecurity solutions that have a meaningful impact on cyber risk. Druva was selected for its exceptional, best-in-class product security, and received the highest rating on criteria for cyber risk reduction, flexibility, and efficiency. In October 2020, Druva was named “Endpoint Security Solution Provider of the Year” by the 2020 CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards. The program attracted more than 3,750 nominations, and Druva was selected for its product excellence and innovation.

As the race to the cloud continues, organizations need a better way to transform and optimize their data protection. At Druva, we pride ourselves in being a proven, trusted partner in our customers’ cloud journey, and in ensuring digital assets are protected and accessible at all times. Learn more about how to keep your data safe in today’s cloud era, explore the proven and award-winning Druva Cloud Platform and download our comprehensive ransomware protection guide


¹ Forrester Research, Inc., “Predictions 2021: Accelerating out of the crisis,” 2020.