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Druva Is the Veeam Alternative You Need: The SaaS Difference

Justin Augat, VP, Product Marketing & Communications and Lauren Hamilton, Director, Content Marketing

Your backup should work for you. Not the other way around.

The data landscape has changed. Customers now manage data globally and face significant financial risk if it's lost. As a result, they're looking for solutions that dramatically simplify data protection for their diverse workloads. But, they need to simplify their approach as their environment gets more complicated. Unfortunately, old-school options like Veeam haven't gotten on board — they stick to a Do It Yourself (DIY) approach for planning, buying, managing, and securing infrastructure, making a complicated situation… well… more complicated.

Everyone's tightening their belts, and customers are catching on that Veeam's DIY complexity and total cost of ownership, everything from hardware to management, are much higher than cloud alternatives. Veeam seems to be going in the wrong direction— more cost and complexity, not less.

We can’t ignore the biggest issue customers are facing: security. To state the obvious, ransomware has forced customers to prioritize data security. But, guess what? Veeam is behind here, too. The DIY model for data security puts customers into a tough position - manage changing workload needs while prioritizing security hardening. This means updates, patching, and sourcing of additional third-party security capabilities. Veeam's complicated setup has customers realizing (too late) that each workload has unique requirements and different management consoles.

With this tedious list of requirements to make Veeam data protection work, you get why their online reviews have fallen behind competitors like Druva. Veeam customers are managing a complex environment, with a complex DIY solution, while that environment is an active target for ransomware. Yikes.

What do customers actually get with Veeam?

Higher TCO… Every. Single. Time.

Veeam's DIY data protection isn't just about the initial cost – it scatters expenses everywhere. Customers are juggling up to seven vendors, each with unique pricing and contracts. To top it off, Veeam relies on third-party solutions for key functions like deduplication

Managing separate setups for on-premises, cloud, and SaaS workloads adds complexity and more costs. In a nutshell, this hands-on approach isn't just a cost – it's a cost multiplier. As your system expands, so do the expenses and management headaches, turning into a real budget buster.

A legacy goldmine = Ransomware’s go-to playground

Veeam's Windows-based framework poses ongoing security challenges, making it a target for hackers. Its "secure-by-implementation" nature puts 100% onus on users to diligently apply and maintain security best practices across the entire Veeam environment, covering servers, storage, OS, networking, cloud, and more. 

This responsibility extends to air-gapping, immutability, disaster recovery, and continuous monitoring, demanding users to stay vigilant in updating and securing all components.

A recipe for management migraines with DIY

Choosing a DIY approach with outdated architecture burdens administrators with complexities. Multiple interfaces for data center, cloud, and SaaS operate independently, causing disparities in consoles, policies, and learning curves. 

The divide between Edge and SaaS backups results in inconsistent federated search, legal hold, and eDiscovery. Veeam's static infrastructure relies on users for sizing and planning, risking overprovisioning. Unlike dynamic SaaS solutions, Veeam requires strategic planning for growth and spikes in demand. These complexities create headaches for organizations seeking efficient data protection.

Why Druva? 3 key ways SaaS solves your Veeam headaches

1. We don’t waste your cash: Spend up to 40% less

Druva's SaaS approach stands out with fully managed, maintained, and monitored services. A unified cloud-native UI covers all environments, eliminating extra deployments and costs. Built-in global deduplication and storage tiering optimize capacity, reducing storage expenses. 

Transparent pricing ensures predictability and flexibility, letting organizations pay for actual usage. Druva's efficient data protection can save up to 40% compared to traditional on-prem solutions like Veeam. Explore the full details in our Backup & Recovery Architectures eBook and TCO white paper.

2. Steer clear of ransomware headlines

We take a "secure-by-design" approach, managing and hardening security 24/7 with continuous monitoring from experts. It's not just about storage — we safeguard the entire backup infrastructure, keeping it isolated from the attack surface and protected from threats.

And here's the cool part — we use a fully air-gapped and immutable system with dual-envelope encryption. Proactive much? Plus, Managed Detection and Response (MDR) for backup with human alerting at no extra cost.

Always-available backups, guaranteed recovery SLAs, and deploying three copies of data with separated control and data planes create a solid defense against threats. Need recovery? Sandbox Recovery for scanning and restoration, plus Druva’s unique Curated Recovery that minimizes data loss by pulling clean files from multiple snapshots into a single "golden snapshot," has you covered.

3. Say goodbye to DIY headaches

Druva transforms backup and recovery into a seamless, hassle-free experience that's all about "set it and forget it." Providing a unified view of both corporate and end-user data, it features federated search, compliance, and legal hold capabilities for the latter, empowering organizations to confidently manage data globally. Druva's elastic nature ensures storage and performance scalability as your environment grows, without surprises.

Druva's commitment to rapid time-to-value is clear with free trials and SaaS simplicity, allowing users to explore protecting any workload on-demand, at no additional cost, and with self-service ease. Take a free product tour to experience the power of SaaS for yourself.

Next steps

Druva's got your back when it comes to keeping your data safe and sound. Say goodbye to the headaches of handling your own backups like with Veeam. Our 100% SaaS approach means everything you need for data protection is good to go right from the start — storage, compute, software, and security, all bundled up neatly.

Protect all your workloads on one platform — it's fully managed, super secure, and regularly updated for you with the latest features. Plus, enjoy the best deal with the lowest total cost of ownership and predictable ongoing costs. 

Finally, a data protection solution that works for you, not the other way around!

To learn more about how simple Druva is to deploy, use, and back up your data than Veeam, visit our Druva vs. Veeam competitive page. Read part 2 of this blog series for an in-depth comparison of Druva vs. Veeam on ease-of-use for Microsoft 365. See how Druva cuts out the complexity so you can rest assured your data is always safe, secured, and recoverable. 

Ready to try Druva? Your data deserves better than Veeam — switch to Druva and get up to 6 months of 100% SaaS data protection FREE.